You Can Go Home Again

Bellus Animus is where it all began back in early 2002, and it’s time to return to my proper home.  I didn’t even know what a blog was when my daughter presented me with that first one, but she was convinced that I needed one, and wouldn’t be dissuaded.  As usual, she was absolutely right.  The considerable time and effort put into designing and setting up that first blog was much appreciated, but the best part of the gift was the name.  Definitely one of the nicest compliments that  I’ve ever received!    She eventually changed my blog name when she bought a domain and hosted my blog with hers, and there have been numerous changes since.  However, I clung on to Bellus for sentimental reasons, and it’s my handle pretty much everywhere else online.  It has become as much a part of my identity as my actual name is, so registering it as a permanent .com home for my blog rounds the circle.

Alex wanted to do the setting up and prettying up of this new space, just for old times’ sake.  But of course now her minimalist tastes don’t clash with my own preferences.  Ahem.  Clutter is exhausting, and I’m all about stark simplicity these days.  Who’d have thunk it, eh?!

As for content, it will be a return to my blogging style of yore, kind of sort of.  Rather like the modern equivalent of a commonplace book, with some personal history and snippets about daily life thrown in for good measure.  Probably the odd portion of navel-gazing, too, as it wouldn’t be a blog without at least a bit of introspection, right?

Good grief, but it’s nice to feel comfortable writing a blog post again.  Sometimes you really can go back home, and absolutely should.


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