A Glimpse of the Garden from June

Daughter just sent me some new garden pics that she took and edited this morning, but they can wait for another day.  First I have a few pics from June that I want to get up here.  This will be our last ever garden season, so obviously I want to keep a record of sorts.  Not of every little thing in the garden as it’s also a letting go process, but just a few highlights to remember fondly in future years.   I can’t dwell on the past as it’s not a healthy mindset for me, but a few pretty little mementos of sorts are sure to bring a smile in future.

It was a late, cool spring this year, so everything got off to a slow start.  Thus all of the flowers are a few weeks later than usual thus far, and the pattern will likely continue for the rest of the season.  The vegetables, however, seem to find their comfort zone, regardless of when we plant them.  Early or late, the harvest seems to come at around the same time.  We’ve tasted some garden bounty in salads over the past week or so, a few peas are nearly ready for picking, with the green and wax/yellow beans not far behind.   We can probably start using the kale and rainbow chard any time, too.   I only planted enough for a table garden this year, knowing that I’d need my energy for things other than canning and freezing produce, so the vegetables are definitely easy to maintain this year.  In hindsight I probably should have taken this step long before now, but never mind.

All photos below are courtesy of  Daughter, aka Alex, as is my lovely header, by the way.  Better late than never at mentioning that!   These are all common flowers, but I’m often reminded that not everyone who admires natural beauty is a gardener herself/himself, so I’ll label them.  For new readers, please yell at me if I leave out information that you think is pertinent.  I just have a “thing” about not insulting readers’ intelligence by stating the obvious, but of course what’s obvious to one isn’t necessarily obvious to another, so …!!

Iris bunch

Iris bunch

Iris, up close and personal

Iris, up close and personal

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Snapdragon just starting to bloom.

Snapdragon just starting to bloom.

The gentleman below has been a regular visitor to our garden for several years now.  We’d have taken him in, were it not for severe allergies, but despite not seeming to have a terribly responsible person, he has done rather well.  A few of us have fed him over the years, and he certainly isn’t starved for affection as he makes his rounds in the neighbourhood.  We dubbed him Aloysius, but I imagine that he’s a cat with many, many names.  The old boy has been through the wars with other cats in the neighbourhood, but a few scars haven’t made him any less handsome.  Oh, that reminds me, I have a video of him as a youngster somewhere.  Will have to see if I can dig that up.  But for now, meet Sir Aloysius, Knight of Belly Scritches, and Butterfly Chaser Extraordinaire.


Mmm, grass. Even knights need to eat their greens.


4 thoughts on “A Glimpse of the Garden from June

  1. Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to leave your thoughts. 🙂 I garden for my own pleasure, obviously, but it makes me happy when my flowers also bring pleasure to others. Beauty is meant to be shared!

  2. Lovely pictures and funny but we also have a neighbours cat coming to see us. We call him Ginger Ninja because of the expert skill of climbing our apple tree in a very acrobatic kind of way. You got to see it really to understand how he does it. He also is a sucker for a good scratch, especially around the ears. Sadly we can’t have any cats because I would sneeze constantly. In short spurts it is fine but not for a live in cat.. Sigh. Nice to see you writing again, my blog is dormant at the moment, haven’t had the urge to write properly for a long while now. Might start it up again but for now its just a place where I have my blogroll 🙂

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Maria. I think I might be back to stay this time. 🙂 Sometimes a totally new start is what we need. When I moved around before I took the archives with me, and of course tried to match new writing to old, which isn’t logical. You’ll start writing again when the time is right, and if it’s never right, that’s okay, too. To everything there is a season, as they say. Your creativity is being expressed in different ways now. 🙂 We’re in the exact same position as you with cats. We all love them, but we can’t have one as a pet because of allergies. Richard and I sneeze and sniffle, but Alex has a really extreme reaction. 😦

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