The Winds of Change

IMG_1318 (800x600)

“Come, little leaves,” said the wind one day,
“Come o’er the meadows with me and play:
Put on your dresses of red and gold –
For summer is gone and the days grow cold.”

The wind had been playing gently with the leaves for a few days, sending a few raining down with each little gust, but I thought that I’d have a chance to get some shots of the stunning colour lining both sides of our street this morning.  I took the above picture on Saturday afternoon, and that was the only tree on the block that was entirely turned.  By last evening, though, every tree on the street was a gorgeous shade of yellow gold, and that particular tree was even more beautiful.  Alas, the wind decided to start playing in earnest overnight, and the trees are quite bare already.  If it’s possible to have a torrential downpour of leaves, we’ve had one in the past 12 hours.  Oh well, Alex got some lovely shots at Kildonan Park on Sunday, so I’ll share those with you instead, after she’s finished editing them.

Meanwhile, here’s one more flower shot, and definitely the last for this year.  I was so taken with the unexpected roses that I forgot all about these beauties.  Richard calls them Michaelmas daisies, but I suspect that they’re just a cousin of the ones that he knew in England.  We call them hardy asters in this part of the world, but whatever the proper name, they’re lovely.
The Winds of Change
We’re headed for a high of 23 C. today, but today’s wind will bring an end to our Indian summer.  Tomorrow will be 12 degrees, then single digits for the rest of the week, so this really and truly is it.  It has been an incredible run, though, so nobody can have any complaints this year.  After a very mild winter we had a very early spring, a long hot summer, and a pretty decent autumn thus far.  So, even if Old Man Winter roars into town early, and in a particularly ugly mood, there will be no grumbles from this household.  At least not until February. 😉

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