We’ve grown accustomed to rather astonishing weather this winter.  Up to the beginning of March, it was the fourth warmest on record, with much less snow than usual.  This past week, though, has been something beyond the comprehension of a lifelong Manitoban.  When records are broken, it’s usually by a degree or two, at most, but we’ve shattered old records by ten degrees or more.  The usual spring thaw takes a few weeks, but we did it in a few days at the start of this week.  Our yard has been completely free of snow since Thursday or so, and the grass is already greening up nicely in the heat.  20 C. in March is heat, not  warmth.  Tomorrow we’re supposed to nudge 30 degrees, if the forecast holds true.  Normally we’re clicking our heels if we hit 0 degrees at this time of year.

We will cool down again to something in the more normal range by the end of the week, but I certainly have a new point of reference for the earliest, warmest spring in memory.  The previous one was in 1981, and some of the records broken this week were indeed from that year.  I was a nursing student then, and on St. Patrick’s Day evening,  a bunch of us headed out to celebrate the 21st birthday of a classmate’s boyfriend.   I can’t recall everywhere that we went on our drinks and dancing round that night, but what does stick in my mind very vividly is what I wore  – no winter coat, just a sleeveless blouse under a wool blazer.  And I was toasty warm.  If we had gone out last evening, I’d have skipped the blazer, at least until quite late in the evening.

Just as well that I haven’t started to pen my memoirs, I guess.  It wouldn’t do to leave a false record for the imaginary grandchildren. 😉

P.S. That grandchildren remark was not a hint of any kind, Alex.  I’m sure that they’re a delight to those who have them, but I’m not going to cry my eyes out in old age if I don’t.  Your life, your choices … always.  But you know that. xxoo


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