Happy Thanksgiving

We did our celebrating yesterday, but today is the official holiday, so a very happy Thanksgiving to any family and Canadian friends who drop by here today.  I hope that you had a lovely celebration if you did it yesterday, or that you’ll have a lovely one if you’re doing it today.

It’s leftovers and lolling for us today, which is always my favourite part of holidays.   The work is done and now there’s nothing to do but bask in the afterglow.  Football all afternoon and evening will keep the Lord of the Manor occupied, and the Lady will perhaps select a new book from my shelf of many unread ones.  The one that’s been sitting over there in my sidebar for ages is a fantastic book, and the first season of the  TV adaptation was tremendous, but the brain was too tired for much reading of any kind over the summer, and I still don’t feel like anything heavy.  I don’t read a lot of fiction set in modern times, and tend to avoid “chick lit” like the plague in recent years, but maybe I’m due for a complete change of pace.

The recent spell of hot weather was kind of confusing for humans and nature alike, but today is most definitely a typical fall day.  The wind is sending cascades of leaves to the ground, and there was a steady chorus from geese on their journey southward in the overnight hours.  Other summer birds are noticeably absent, the winter birds have returned to our feeders, and the resident squirrels are in full hoard mode, so we humans need to take the hint and get our seasonal jobs finished before the weather turns colder.  The vegetable garden has been empty for a few weeks and I just have one more flower bed to clean out, whenever I find the energy.  His Lordship would happily do it for me, but I planted some new baby perennials in there among the bigger annuals, and he tends to have big feet and poor vision when it comes to my precious flowers!  Of course I could always supervise and give orders while he does the actual work, but I’m not that much of a harridan.  Okay, yes, occasionally I am, but only when it’s absolutely necessary.  Usually.  Oh, come on, somebody has to make sure that things are done properly, right?!  The other jobs mostly involve use of a ladder, so they’re all his.  These feet stay firmly on the ground at all times, thank you, and thus it shall always be.

My nose tells me that there’s coffee about to be poured, so I’ll finish up here and go be sociable in the kitchen for a bit.  My sense of smell had been dead since last evening, so it’s comforting to pick up a nice aroma again.   My other senses check in and out intermittently, too, which is just another way in which CFS keeps life interesting.  The least affected is my vision, thankfully, but it certainly has its ups and downs, depending on the fatigue level at any given moment.

Right, enough, I’m out of here.  Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. That reminds me I must get compost and wall flowers in which to put them. Tom Thumb and Persian carpet
    I’ve been instructed to get.
    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK but I hope you have an enjoyable one and a rest.

  2. Ah, wallflowers – I’ve heard a great deal about them from my English husband, but have never seen them, except in photos. His favourite auntie grew them in abundance, so they are associated with some lovely, warm, growing up memories for him. Sadly, they’re not meant for this climate, though. I’ll have to remember to bring him to the screen if/when you post photos of yours. I Googled the two varieties you mentioned and they’re both gorgeous!

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