The Return of the Shrew

Where does one begin? How about, hey, it’s great to be back and wow, it’s great to see you again? Oh, and a thank you for leaving the door open while I went off and did what I needed to do for the first half of this year. It was a much longer break than intended, but there was no point in coming back until the time was exactly right.

Listening to someone else’s navel gazing tends to get boring in a hurry, so suffice it to say that much has changed for me over the past six months. I’m still riding the energy rollercoaster, and likely always will be, but choosing to really listen to my own instincts has made a world of difference. Well, maybe not a whole world, but any difference is huge to someone with CFS. The biggest change is that I’m no longer medicated … at all. Which is not to knock the meds and the difference that they can and do make, but I needed to get off everything to get some real quality of life back. Everything comes with a price, but having a functioning brain and being able to feel real emotions again are so worth the return of some of the symptoms that the meds controlled. One shouldn’t normally stop these drugs “cold turkey”, and especially not in combination, but hey, I’ve never been one to go the easy route. I got the doctor’s okay to give it a whirl, and had two people here to keep watch for anything weird and scary, so I took the plunge on Good Friday. It has been an “interesting” few months since, but I did it and I’m glad! Most days. Being numbed by the drugs definitely made this illness easier to deal with, and the return to reality has been a bit of a shock, but that’s a story for another day.

Obviously another change is the move back to WordPress, and reclaiming my favourite blog identity.  I know, I know, one move too many, but my blogging has been all over the place, literally and figuratively, during the medicated years and the only way to get back on track is to go back to the place that felt most like home.    Some of you won’t know what that means, so allow me to explain briefly. I started blogging in early 2002 and for the first couple of years, Daughter hosted me on her various domains, which was great at the time. I had no idea what I was doing and she was a whiz with all things computer-related, so she helped me cut my blogging teeth, so to speak. Then I got the urge for more autonomy and she no longer needed her own domains, so she set me up with a WordPress blog. I couldn’t decide on a name, so she got tired of my dithering and chose one for me – Tame the Shrew. Which was absolutely perfect for all sorts of reasons, so I kept it, and the best era of my blogging life ensued.

Now the Shrew has returned and all is right with the world.   It has been a long time since I blogged on WordPress and much has changed, but I still like it. There’s lots more tweaking to be done, including adding more blogs to the list, but it’ll do for now. The archives will find their way over here at some point, too, but for now, all shiny and new works for me.  In the interest of further simplifying life, I’ve also created a shiny new e-mail account just for this blog. You can find it over in the sidebar. The one that’s used for Facebook and other stuff gets so much rubbish in the inbox that I often miss good stuff, and I’m obviously not going to attach my personal e-mail address to a blog. Feel free to continue to use either of those if you have been doing so, though.

Winter and early spring are ancient history now, so I won’t waste your time or mine with a rehash of old news.   These days it’s all about the garden, my happy place from May through autumn.   The season got off to a bit of a late start this year, but as always, lost time is made up when the warmth arrives in earnest. I always judge harvest time by the beans, for some unknown reason, and yesterday’s first picking was pretty much bang on schedule. We’ve been using other stuff like lettuce, peas, spring onions, herbs, strawberries etc. for a while. We’re all fruit and vegetable fiends around here, so it’s always such a treat to have our home-grown stuff just outside the door for these few short months. The flowers are thriving, too, and I’ll share some bits of colour with you over the next few posts. But not today, as I need to play with the photos a bit before I post them.

Again, it’s great to be back, and I hope that you’ll enjoy hanging out with me in my new/old digs.

P.S. If anyone spots he/she who used to regularly end up at my old Tame the Shrew blog via a search for how to cook a shrew, please show them the door. I like weird and eccentric, but I draw the line at weird and nasty!


6 thoughts on “The Return of the Shrew

  1. Welcome back. It’s so good to have someone return rather than throwing in the towel in favour of Facebook, Twitter or what ever. There’s nothing quite like blogging.
    I’m with you on the drugs thing. I hate the fact that MTL, even without the chemo, has enough to stock a mini Boots. Best of luck with it all.

    • Thank you, Pat. I’m totally with you about nothing being a substitute for blogging. I had a Twitter account, but just closed it as I never used it. 140 chararacters can’t tell a story, and it seems like something of an exercise in narcissism for many users. Nobody’s life is fascinating enough to merit numerous posts each day about the minutiae of their daily existence. Facebook has its uses, but again, can’t compare to blogs for entertainment value. As for the drugs, I suspect that ex-nurses might be the biggest anti-drug group going. 🙂

  2. Woohoo, welcome back dear friend:-) My heart skipped a beat and I had a big smile when I saw your message regarding you blogging again. I’ve got you so often in my mind!! I have no doubt it was harder than you say on here to get off all the medication but hey, you did it and for that I say “well done”:-) Having a clear mind does indeed help to deal with the every day part of life, even while dealing with CFS. You have been terribly missed and I now look forward to reading posts from you whenever you’re up to posting! lol Love you dearly. xoxo PEA

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