Happy Halloween!

Daughter’s jack-o’-lantern for this year – a Boo!

‘Tis the night – the night
Of the grave’s delight,
And the warlocks are at their play;
Ye think that without
The wild winds shout,
But no, it is they – it is they.
~Arthur Cleveland Coxe

A blessed Samhain to the couple of pagans in the crowd, and a very happy Halloween to all of the rest of you!
I just got through chatting with a friend, mother of six and eight-year-olds, and am chuckling to myself about her plight.  Oh, how well I remember Halloweens past when it was impossible to contain the excitement of a young one, anticipating the evening of trick or treating.  I told said friend that a few years from now she’ll miss all of this, but she’s not convinced. 
She and the other local parents making the rounds with their children are going to be in for a bit of a chilly night.  It’s 1 C. right now, with a rather brisk wind blowing, and the evening hours will be that much cooler.  That’s half the fun of Halloween, though.  The excitement of running around in the dark, collecting their loot, keeps the children warm, while the wind and chill in the air just add to the spooky atmosphere.  For the parents, there’s a Tim Horton’s coffee shop at the end of our block, so if they use their noggins when planning the route, they have no excuse for feeling the chill, either. 😉  
We had a lovely dusting of snow the evening before last.  I went for a nap and when I awoke, the world was all white and sparkly outside of my window.  Beautiful!  It was all gone by noon yesterday, though, and there is no more in the immediate forecast, so winter isn’t here quite yet.  For me, winter starts with the first snowfall that sticks around, rather than any particular temperature setting.   
I know that there are lots of winter haters out there, but I’m not one of them.  Sure, the cold and snow can get a little tedious by late winter, but overall, I enjoy the season.  I’m not a hot weather person and fare much better in cooler temperatures.  Winter is also an incredibly beautiful season, if you allow yourself to see it.  The brilliant blue sky that we take for granted here on the Prairies is especially stunning in winter, in contrast to the blinding whiteness of a fresh fall of snow. Even a weak winter sun has the power to turn fresh snow into an expanse of diamond dust.  His Nibs, especially, is looking forward to winter this year.  It’s the first of his retirement and he’s anticipating cackling gleefully at the first big dump of snow, coffee cup in hand, considering when he might feel like sauntering out to shovel the walk, rather than fighting his way to work on virtually impassable streets.  Or fretting about whether or not the car will start on a -40 C. morning, with a windchill value off the chart.  We’ve always had very reliable vehicles, but the worry is always there, regardless. 
But back to today, the treat bags are filled and at the ready, the jack-o’lantern is on the front step, ready to be lit, and we’ve been enjoying the once yearly snack of freshly roasted pumpkin seeds.  Oh my.  You can buy pumpkin seeds, but they can’t begin to compare to the ones made in our own oven, from our Halloween pumpkin.  I’ve just put the kettle on as a cup of pumpkin chai tea is calling my name.  I’m not normally a fan of anything other than unadorned black teas, but there tends to be an exception to some rules. 😉 
Have fun tonight, everybody! 

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Ponita, we get our tea from Davids Tea in Polo Park. They have a huge selection and we've found some real treats there. You can also order online – just click on the link in the post and it takes you to the pumpkin chai page on their website. Look in the top left corner for the link to their home page.

  2. HalloweenThe night is darkand the goblins are out,and the witches and black catsare prowling about.And costumed creaturesthe strangest I've seen,are knocking on doors'cause tonight's Halloween!Happy Halloween dear Eleanor:-) Alex did a wonderful job carving your pumpkin!!! It was a clear night for the trick or treaters over here and cold, it being -5c but at least there was no wind like there had been the last few days. I sat outside on the deck steps all bundled up to give out the treats and had a fun time:-)We've had snow flurries the last couple of weeks but nothing that has stayed on the ground. It's coming soon enough!! lolHope your Halloween was a fun one! xoxox

  3. It's something we don't really do but I loved it as a child when we plagued the neigbourhood by putting the devil up t'drain pipe and tying door knockers together and then ringing the bells.Horrible kids we were.

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