Principles? Hmm …

So, here’s where I eat crow again, wipe egg off my face again, etc. etc.

It turns out that I need a Facebook account after all, for various reasons, so I’m back in action again over there, as of half an hour or so ago.  However, I am at least standing my ground on the issues that precipitated my leaving FB, so I’m not a total nutcase who can’t seem to make her mind up one way or the other!!  Partially, but not totally.  Ahem.  Feel free to tell me to get lost when you get my friend request in the next day or so, but hopefully you won’t. 😉 

In other news, today seems to be the day on which autumn left and winter arrived.  Yesterday was 13 C.  and right now it’s 3C., but the very, very strong northerly wind makes it feel like -10C.  Brrr.  One day soon this will seem like the tropics, but we’re not acclimatized yet.  There’s a good chance that we’ll see our first snow tonight, but we honestly can’t complain, given the unusually long snow-free season that we’ve had this year.  I mean, I planted the vegetable seeds exactly six months ago today and that’s an absolute first.  I might never get a chance to plant in April again, so am glad that I seized the opportunity!  October has been gorgeous up to now, so we have really been spoiled this year.

Is it significant that our first wintry storm coincides with civic election day?  No doubt all of the hot air flying around over the past few weeks had something to do with our unusually warm weather up to last night.  I’m not usually apathetic about elections, but the two main mayoral candidates have really disappointed me.  Well, I was never a fan of the one, but the other has left me feeling really let down.  Oh well, at least we’ll get a new city councillor in this area, and that can only be a good thing.  We were due for a change after a few decades of the same head presenting the same ideas. 

Oh, and my writing abilities seem to be back, finally, but no doubt you had figured that out already, sharp bunch that you are. 😉


3 thoughts on “Principles? Hmm …

  1. Happy to be a FB friend but I'm not an ardent fan of FB and only joined to view family photos. I keep forgetting to visit. Maybe I'll get better at it:)

  2. Nice to see you on fb but like Pat, I usually only use it to keep in touch with a select few friends and family. And to play word games with my sister…Even nicer to see you back in Boggaritaville!Just so you know… there's a Brit in the picture… too new to say what's what… 😉

  3. Thanks for adding me over there, Pat. 🙂 To each their own, and FB certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea. It's the only way that I can stay in touch with some people, though, and some businesses that I frequent offer discounts to FB followers. A Brit, eh, Ponita? All of the ones that I've known could teach the locals a few valuable lessons in manners and how to treat women, most especially the one I married. 🙂 Fingers crossed that you have equally good luck with yours!

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