Apologies for yet another break, folks.  My good intentions didn’t account for a virus making its way into the house, via the nice man who came to fix our Internet a couple of weeks ago.  It should have been a relatively minor gastric virus, but of course even a minor virus tends to pack a wallop for anyone with CFS.  It set off a pretty profound relapse, which then set off that annoying brain shut-down, in which coherent speech is difficult, and written communication nigh on impossible.  The words are there in my head, but they just refuse to come out in the way that they should, if at all.  Most frustrating.  It all sorts itself out over time, though, so blogging will resume again shortly.

Meanwhile, I have been reading and keeping up with all of you.  I hope that those in need of them have felt the supportive vibes, and that those celebrating happy occasions have sensed the woo hoos sent through the ether. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Oops

  1. That's very bad luck. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.I shall have to ban anyone with a sniffle when MTL starts chemo but you can't see viruses.

  2. Hope all are recovering, Milady… there's been many nasty bugs going around. One of which took me down mid Sept. Even missed 5 shifts at work, which I don't think I have ever done due to illness in my entire working life! Thanks for popping by and letting us know you're still alive! xoxoxo

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