Random Thoughts to Start October

It’s a busy time here at the humble abode.  The spell of gorgeous weather won’t last much longer and must be used to full advantage to get the outside chores done before winter’s advent.  It takes me a week or more to achieve what I used to do in a day or less, but it’s all getting done … slowly.   Kind of, sort of.   His Nibs has been working away at his own projects and loving every minute of his first autumn of retirement.  Things are looking pretty great around the old homestead, I must say, especially the main flower bed at the front of the house.  He extended and reshaped it, and boy, do I have plans for it next spring!!

Daughter went to see this on Wednesday evening. Was I jealous?  What do you think?!  She wanted me to go, too, but I learned ages ago that booking tickets months in advance is a complete waste of time and money.  She had been looking forward to this for so long, so we held our breath, hoping that she’d actually be able to get there.  It was magnificent, from start to finish, and she literally gets goosebumps just talking about it.  Of course it helped that her favourite principal dancers had lead roles, but all in all, it was perfection from the opening note to the last.   I love experiences like that, even when I only get to hear about them. 🙂  She also attended the guest speaker’s chat about all things Dracula and Bram Stoker,  just before the show,  and was really impressed with it, too.  That night’s performance would be the forty-first time that the speaker saw the Dracula ballet and she said that it remains very fresh as each cast of dancers brings something new and different to it.   And yes, my face is still a brilliant shade of green, but luckily, green is one of my best colours. 😉

The winds over the past couple of days have brought down many of the beautiful, golden leaves, but I managed to snap a couple of shots the other day while the trees were still full. 

A tiny sample of the elm canopy that shades every street in all of the older areas of the city.  Winnipeg is very proud of its urban forest, and rightfully so.

We’ve had the strangest thing happen with one of the maples in our back yard this time.  In eastern parts of the country, it’s the done thing for maple trees to turn a gorgeous shade of red in the autumn.  That’s not the case with our ultra-hardy Manitoba maples, however.  They just turn kind of yellowish before the leaves dry up and fall off.  One of our two mighty maples peformed as expected, and now has only a few crispy brownish leaves clinging to it.  The other, however, has suddenly decided to mimic a sugar maple for some unknown reason, and this is what it looked like a few days ago:

It is getting progressively redder by the day and the leaves are not dropping, even with the winds.  Most bizarre, but we’re certainly not complaining.  

My new computer arrived a few days ago, so I’ve been slowly moving in and getting used to a new home.  I switched to a laptop a few years ago, when I was so ill that I couldn’t sit up for any length of time.  My heart has always belonged to a desktop, though, so now I’m back in my comfort zone.  I don’t know why, but the motivation for writing on a laptop was never there, whereas hammering out thoughts on a desktop is a piece of cake.   Maybe it’s the old conditioning from sitting at a desk at school, or something.  The major set up stuff was kindly done by Daughter, since she loves doing that kind of thing.  I know, it’s a sickness, for sure. 😉  To be honest, I don’t hate it myself, but I have to think much harder than she does about such things and my brain feels tired enough these days.  She also loaded bazillions of music files, which I’d have never had the patience to do myself, so I’m a very happy camper!

Ha, I just realized that I unconsciously came up with a blog nickname for my husband at the beginning of this post … finally.  Not that it matters all that much since I’ve transferred my archives from some of the past blog efforts over here, but a bit of cloak and dagger still won’t hurt. Of course I mean His Nibs in a very ironic sense, since we all know who really runs the show around here, right? 😉  We all love each other something rotten, but “gooey” nicknames just are not our style.  

Now I’ll leave you with an exceptionally profoud thought from someone else before I toddle off to begin my day:

“The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.”

~Alfred Hitchcock

Amen to that, I say.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts to Start October

  1. isn't this the best time of the year? i'm sitting at the dining room table tapping away on my laptop and just enjoying the fresh air! for the first time since spring ended, we have all of our windows open and it just smells so damn fresh! cheers re the new desktop. ours has died and i just can't justify the expense of replacing it just yet! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. I can't get my head round a laptop. Where does all the stuff go?His Nibs was very much a family name and you used another expression recently which made me wonder if you have northern – as in Lancashire – roots?This post has shocked me somewhat: it's been the 30th Sep to me all day.Re Fall heard from my BIL in Westchester that the leaves are all shades of brown courtesy of the drought. He's off to Vermont.

  3. Awww what a shame that you couldn't go see Dracula as well but I can understand how hard it would be for you to be able to plan anything ahead like that, no knowing how you'll be feeling. I'm glad she was able to go, though, and sounds like she thoroughly enjoyed herself:-)I have a laptop and a desktop and I'm the opposite of you, I prefer my laptop! lol I haven't used my desktop in ages. Right now I'm laying on my bed typing…what a life! hehe Actually, I've just come in from putting away all of my faerie ornaments/statues from my faerie garden, as well as all the other stuff I had in my flowerbeds. Tomorrow I'll put away the patio tables and chairs and then I'll be all done. Coming back from town yesterday I noticed that our trees are starting to really lose their leaves now so it's not as colourful as it has been. It doesn't help that we've had strong winds the last couple of days. It was 1c this morning when I got up…brrrrr! Now that I don't have the hot flashes anymore, I'm feeling the cold! lolHope you're having a nice relaxing weekend:-) xoxoxo

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