The last of the summer harvest (photo courtesy of Alex)

Oy!  Would it sound a tad paranoid if I said that there seems to be a conspiracy afoot to keep me away from blogging?  Never mind, of course it would, but there has certainly been some kind of misalignment out there.  There’s enough misery in the world without my adding moody, negative posts to the mix, so I’ve refrained from opening my mouth (so to speak) until the mood picked up again.  I’m pretty easy-going these days, but there are certain things that will always be able to knot my knickers, regardless of my mellow intentions.

What is about a bereavement that brings out the worst in so many people?!  Probably that atmosphere around me is what made the anniversary of my dad’s death hit me like a steel-toed boot in the sternum again last week.  It has been eleven years now and I haven’t had a reaction like this in many years.   I think that the fireworks are finally calming down after my grandmother’s death at the end of July, but now my stomach heaves intermittently as I wait for the fallout from my ex-mother-in-law’s death ten days ago.  My daughter wants nothing, and really hopes that we hear nothing from anyone,  but I know that that is definitely wishful thinking. 

The zinnias’  last gasp before the killing frosts (photo by Alex)

But on a happier note, we’re truly into autumn now and I’m loving it.  This is my absolute favourite time of year, and not even sociopathic ex-spouses and in-laws can spoil my enjoyment of it!  The vegetable garden is now empty and the flowers are looking pretty bedraggled after a couple of lightish frosts, but the leaves on the trees are starting to more than make up for the fading blooms.  We don’t get the vibrant reds and such in this part of the world, except on ornamental shrubs and the like, but the palette of assorted golds is still absolutely breathtaking.  My new header image is typical of what one would see when wandering through a forest in these parts.  That’s not my photograph, but it could very easily have been taken in one of the local parks or in the pasture on the farm where I grew up.  In case you haven’t figured out from my headers of late, forests are my real “happy places”.  Much as I love my flowers, I could live without them if I absolutely had to.  However I could never be happy without any large trees in my immediate vicinity.  And yes, I have been known to hug trees, but don’t tell anyone, okay?

Oh, and before I forget to mention this, some of you have already noticed that I’ve disappeared off Facebook as of a couple or three days ago.  That’s a deliberate thing, and not a technical glitch on their part.  The same applies to my daughter, for those of you who were also friends with her there.  It’s nothing personal against any of our blogging buddies, but simply a case of Facebook not being a comfortable place for either of us anymore, for a number of reasons.  I apologize for the lack of advance notice, but it was really a spur of the moment decision.  If I thought about it too much I wouldn’t have done it, as that annoying sense of duty and loyalty would have kicked in,  but I really, really needed to pack it in.  Not just deactivate it, but delete it, forever and ever.   I’ve also ditched a couple of other things, so now my attention can turn fully back to blogging, both here for pure pleasure, and at a couple of “helping” communities.  I can’t physically get out there and make the kind of difference that I want to make, but I can still do something to hopefully improve the lives of others from this side of my keyboard.  

Finally, he probably thinks that I’ve forgotten about it, but my favourite Irish chanteur tagged me for a meme a little while ago and I finished it just before I started this entry.  This is already pretty lengthy, though, so I think that I’ll leave the posting of the meme for tomorrow.  I’m off for a lie-down now, but when I come back I’ll be making my rounds of all of your blogs.  Don’t bother tidying up or digging out the good china.  Just a drop of tea or coffee, I don’t mind which, in a run of the mill mug will do me fine.   Oh, and I’m rather partial to a chocolate digestive biscuit, should you happen to have any stashed in the back of the cupboard. 😉  Toodles!


6 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Blogging is indeed best, Pat. That's what I did first, and that's where my heart lies!Ah yes, I forgot about the leaves. They are indeed work, but I have a newly retired husband who needs something to do. 😉 I hope that you'll be hiring someone to help you with yours. You have enough to do with seeing to the patient. I hope that he's moving steadily in the right direction.

  2. Hello my dear friend:-) Thank you for emailing me back and explaining why you had disappeared from Facebook! It's very understandable why you and Alex decided it was best to delete it. Fingers crossed that you won't hear from the “out”laws but as you say, that might just be wishful thinking. Just wish they'd leave you and Alex alone once and for all!!!I'm so glad that you will continue with blogging:-) I didn't blog very much this past summer due to so many things taking up my time but now I'm trying to be more loyal to it since I really love it and was missing it. Like you, I love this time of year!! Not today, though, it's pouring rain and 9c! lol Our leaves are really changing colours as well and it's so beautiful to see when you're driving or walking. We only have potatoes left in the garden and we'll be digging those out this weekend, weather permitting. I was so glad to finally have everything done with the rest of the veggies. We had a bumper crop of everything so it was a great year for a garden:-)Think of you often!! Love & Hugs xoxox

  3. good to see you here, sugarpie! re facebook, i've deactivated and reactivated so often because of a hateful SIL, so i think i understand what you mean! anyway, blogging is, for me, the most fun anyway, if it's everyday or once a week. i'm just glad to see you when i see you! have a grand autumn! xoxoxox

  4. Hello back at you, Pea! 🙂 Thanks again for sending the e-mail a few days ago and again, my apologies for worrying you. I really need to start giving advance warning when I do things!! It was a great year for our garden, too, so I've managed to get lots of goodies in freezer bags and jars for use during the winter months. It's work, but as I'm sure you'll agree, there's a whole lot of satisfaction attached to it. I hope that things dry up enough for you to get the potatoes dug this weekend. It has been wet and cold here, too, but we're supposed to be in for a glorious weekend. As for “the outlaws”, I really can't see there being any reason for any of them to contact us after the estate is settled. With their mother gone, who was the instigator of most of the underhanded stuff and forever pitting them against each other, the sons will hopefully settle down and tap into the decency that I know is there in each of them. They were mostly raised by their grandparents, who were really kind, generous, good people, so surely their influence hasn't been completely forgotten. Have a great weekend! xxoo

  5. Hey, Savannah! 🙂 It has been so liberating to let go of Facebook. If I had known how liberating it would be, I'd have done it sooner! I didn't realize how much it drained my mental energy and that's the last thing I need happening! It's quite exciting to be redirecting my energy back here, actually, and I'm sure that I'll find my groove again pretty quickly. You have a great weekend, too, dear lady! xxoo

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