Poof, and It’s Gone

Thus, Christmas has come and gone for another year.  But what a fine Christmas it was, from start to finish.  For five years it has been merely a season/day to get through somehow, but this time it was a season/day to enjoy.  Which is how it should be, of course.  I got out to do much of the shopping myself, got the decorating and such done by myself, and, best of all, was able to put together the Christmas feast all by myself, all in one go.  Hu-bleedin’-ray!  There was not even a hint of wobbly knees, dizzy head, or breathlessness as I did my thing in the kitchen all of Christmas morning.  Lovely as all of the contents of the packages under the tree turned out to be, that Christmas energy, my friends, was the very best gift of all this year.  A Christmas miracle, indeed.  Boxing Day and thereafter has been a whole different story, of course, but who cares?  I had a great day when I needed it, and who isn’t dead tired after Christmas, anyway?!

Now, while the energy was the best gift of all, I have to say that there were a few other things that made me grin from ear to ear that day.  My husband and daughter always spoil me rotten with thoughtful choices, so their being at the top of the “things” list is always a given.  The other top spot is reserved for the likes of these:

Specifically, a lovely, handmade snowflake ornament from my niece, Gillian, and the adorable “Aunt” bear from the three young ladies, Madeline, Rachel and Hanna, who call my youngest sister, Mom.   The annual school photo of each of them, together with the ornaments, make for the absolute perfect gifts for this doting auntie.  Oh, and the homemade cookies were a massive hit, too!  Note that I said “were” there. 🙂   So, yet more special memories have been added to our Christmas tree, and that’s exactly how I like it.  We do have some gorgeous store-bought things on the tree, but the most special ornaments are those that came from family and friends.  As I decorate the tree each year, it’s like having having each ornament  donor join us for the Christmas season.  Yes I’m a sentimental fool, and proud of it!
All good things must come to an end, though, and today the remnants of Christmas will find their way back into the boxes and bags in the basement.  Usually I take the tree and decorations down on New Year’s Day, but Richard is home today and won’t be for the next four days.  He doesn’t help with the undecorating, but he’ll do the cooking and grocery shopping while I’m busy.  Sounds like a fair trade, right?  I love cooking when I have the energy to do it to my usual standards, but grocery shopping has never been on my top five hundred favourite things to do list.  Nor is it ever likely to be.  He likes it, so have at it, pal, have at it.
Speaking of food, is anyone else tired of all of the rich stuff that seems to be a staple throughout December?  I seem to have lost my taste for chocolate completely lately, so I didn’t go overboard on that this season. The rest has me craving fruit, vegetables and whole grain goods only for the next month or so, though!   Except for on my birthday in a couple of week, of course, and on Daughter’s birthday a couple of weeks after that.  Every rule has its exceptions. 🙂
I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas, too, and that you’re enjoying these last days of 2009.  Didn’t it fly by in a heck of a hurry, though?  

2 thoughts on “Poof, and It’s Gone

  1. So glad Energy paid you a lovely visit for Christmas, Eleanor! And yes, it was gone very quickly.It was only one day long for me as well but that was due to working three days before and five after… I am on the last shift this evening and then have four days off over New Year's… with no plans whatsoever other than to collapse in a heap and sleep for a few days.

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