Merry Christmas

The very merriest of Christmas wishes from me and mine, to thee and thine.   I learned many years ago that Christmas can be exactly what you want it to be, no matter where you are on the day, or what company you keep.   So, whether you’re surrounded by family and friends, spending the day in the workplace, or celebrating alone, may today bring peace and joy in abundance.
My humblest apologies for disappearing for a couple of weeks.  It was just one of those spells when conversation of any kind becomes difficult.  Most frustrating at the time, but it always passes eventually.  The words are always there in my head, but I can’t make them come out through my fingers or vocal cords.  It’s a form of aphasia that is fairly common with CFS, so nothing to be concerned about.  On the plus side, when output is stifled, the ability to take in information is heightened enormously, so that’s when I can dive into a really thick,  meaty book and fly through it in no time flat.  It ain’t all bad, that’s fer sure! 🙂
Many, many thanks to all who kept my niece in your thoughts, prayers, etc. after my previous post.  You’re all stars of the highest order! 🙂  Her recovery has gone well and hopefully the remaining symptoms will completely disappear over time.
Now I need to get my head back down if I want to enjoy the start of the festivities, a few hours from now.  It’s just we three on our own, as per usual, as that’s what works best for us.  We always have a lovely day, just doing things in our own way, at our own speed.
Richard worked last evening, but now he’s off today and tomorrow.  Christmas off is a bit of a rarity for a nurse and he wouldn’t have minded working this last one, but of course it’s lovely when he’s off.  He just has twelve more shifts to work until retirement, so has been spoiled absolutely rotten by “his ladies” this Christmas.  The staff always do spoil him, but this year it’s really overwhelming.  I don’t think that I’ve ever see so many gifts under our tree, and neither Alex nor I wrapped at least a third of them!  He has also brought home lots of food and drink over the past few days, so Alex and I are feeling rather spoiled, too!
This Christmas season has already brought so many wonderful surprises, so I wonder if there are any left to come today.   Just when we think that we’ve seen the biggest one, along comes another that tops it.  All sorts of people have leapt out of the woodwork this season, and some ties that have been broken for a long time are being stitched back together.  Best of all, Richard’s two have reached out to their dad again at long last, and I’m thrilled beyond words for him.

Right, I was going to shut up a few minutes ago, wasn’t I?  Feast or famine when it comes to words around here, obviously! 🙂  Once again, have a very, very merry Christmas and thank you for the wonderful gift of your friendship.


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, sugarpie! And no need to apologize, you're here now and all is good in the world! I am honored to call y'all friend! All the best now and always. xoxoxoxox

  2. Sounds like things have been loving at your house for the holidays. I like the way you say no matter who one is with or alone, we can enjoy ourselves. We can. It is hubby and me today, and plenty of snow. Enjoy your Christmas!!!Hugs, CiCi

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