I’m not easily shocked at this point in my life, but I have to say that some news I received yesterday really knocked me for a loop. My nine-year-old niece had an adverse reaction to the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine, and ended up having a stroke. Yeah, wrap your head around that, if you can. 😦 It was a mild stroke, fortunately, and she is recovering, but at least a couple of you will know first-hand that a mild stroke doesn’t feel terribly mild to the one who experienced it.

I was up all night thinking about how scary it must have been for her. I haven’t actually had a stroke, but I had a bizarre thing happen when I was eighteen that totally mimicked a stroke – sudden paralysis, loss of speech, blazing headache, mental confusion, etc. They never did figure out exactly what it was, but put it down to the combination of a fierce migraine and a chest infection. In hindsight, though, it was probably the start of the predicament that I’m in now. It became a really big deal five years ago, but something has been amiss for all of my adult life. Anyway, that 24 hour period was probably the scariest thing that I have ever lived through, so I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been for a young child to experience an actual stroke.

I don’t imagine that it’s something that her parents and brother are likely to forget any time soon, either.

My family won’t be aware of the magical power of the collective energy of the blogging community, but hopefully you’ll help me give them a demonstration. I don’t think that I’ve ever made a personal request for some of that energy, but now seems like the perfect time. Good thoughts, prayers, vibes, or whatever your specialty, it would mean a lot if you could direct some at my niece, Tess.

A thought or two for her big brother wouldn’t go amiss, either, as he broke his arm playing hockey recently. No more hockey for him this season, I assume. Hopefully he won’t try to break his big cousin’s record of three broken arms, though. Well, she only has two arms, obviously, but one was broken more than once. If you ever need someone familiar with the orthopedic unit at our local children’s hospital to show you around, you know where to find me!

Thanks in advance, peoples! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Help

  1. What a truly rerrible thing to happen to a child. Poor Tess. And her family, all of you.Sha has my best wishes and energy for a speedy recovery. And her brother

  2. Slight, or serious, this is a shocking horrible thing to happen to a dear child. I send you positive thoughts and sincere prayers that she will have a quick, and clean recovery and a small addendum to that for her brother. A prayer too for strength for the rest of the family in dealing with all the worries that make hearts heavy and sad.

  3. Oh…my…goodness! All my positive vibes and energy winging its way to dear Tess, her big bro and the family. She's young and I'm sure she'll make a full recovery. Hugs,Leighxoxo

  4. Hope all is well and everyone back to good health.Got your lovely card and wonderful letter today. Thank you for taking the time, and for thinking of me. Much love to you and your

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