Is It Hot In Here …?

Just popping back in for a quickie, to share my current ear worm with you. As so often happens with tunes by The Killers, this one is thoroughly stuck in my head. Unlike most people, my ear worms tend to be songs I really like, rather than songs I really hate. Being an oddball isn’t always a bad thing. 🙂

Now, will someone please tell me when Luke Perry turned into such a specimen of jaw-dropping gorgeousness? Phwoar! And phwoar again!

Right, back to stamping cards … once my eyes retract back into my head. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Is It Hot In Here …?

  1. I think Luke Perry is one of those men who has actually improved with age. Never did see him as 'hot' when he was younger. Of course, him wearin' the cowboy hat in this video helps. 😛 I have a thang for men in cowboy hats. *G*Michael is seeing The Killers live early next year. I'm sure they'll be fab!Leighxo

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