All’s Well

Just checking in to let you know that we’re well and happy, just totally immersed in Christmas preparations.  I used to be a world class multi-tasker, but now one thing at a time is the required speed.  Which is absolutely fine as it gives one the chance to enjoy the task at hand more.  Yet another silver lining!  Life is full of them, if you really open your eyes.

Daughter’s dental pain has pretty much vanished.   Hurray!  Richard is counting down the final handful (literally) of weeks until retirement.  Hurray!  After a weirdly mild November, the cold and snow blew in this month, which set off the Christmas spirit, big-time.  Hurray!   My illness-induced mental dullness and apathy have lifted in a big way in recent months.  Which means that I’m truly enjoying this Christmas season, for a change.  Hurray!

The halls have been decked, the shopping is all done and mostly wrapped, and the cards are written out.  This evening I’ll be getting the cards ready to go to the post office tomorrow, as well as the boxes of presents that have some travelling to do.  My apologies to those expecting a letter with your Christmas card as it’s just not going to happen.  The good intentions were there, but my hands are stiff and sore again, and my energy is needed elsewhere these days.  For whatever reason, much as I’ve always loved letter-writing, it’s a massive energy drain.  So, just know that you’re all in my thoughts, I still love you, and I’ll try to catch up with you by letter in the new year.

I’ll catch up with the latest gossip in the blog world  in another day or two.   Hold the good stuff until then, okay? 😀


2 thoughts on “All’s Well

  1. Hope your vehicle(s) are plugged in! Supposed to hit around -26 tonight…. brrrr. I am soooo not ready for this cold!But I am almost ready for Christmas, with most of the shopping done, the cards being written out tonight and gifts to send off to far away (well, Alberta, anyways) relatives tomorrow.I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better, both physically and mentally – a most Merry Christmas to you and yours, Eleanor!

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