Lacking a Suitable Title

Just a quickie here to let you know that I’ve not run away again. My girl has had a really miserable time just lately, so she has needed my attention much more than the computer. She’s doing better now, so no cause for alarm, but you know how it is when our babies are sick and in excruciating pain. Even when one’s baby is twenty-two!

Yet again at least some of her misery could have been avoided if practitioners of every kind would stop dismissing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome/ME as figments of our imagination. They are serious illnesses that affect every single system and structure in the body, and I don’t care how healthy we look outwardly, we are not at all right inwardly! Yes, there are malingerers in the world and there always will be, but don’t you dare dismiss me or my daughter with an eyeroll, a sigh, or “that” look, before breezing right on past the subject as if we never said a word about it. It makes me angry enough when they do it to me, but it’s total red mist time when they do it to her. We also get it from relatives, friends, and the general public, but I can deal with that. It’s a whole different story when those who should know better don’t get it, though. If the majority of sufferers were male you can bet that it would be serious business. Because most are female, however, it’s the whole “there, there, dear” attitude. Want to bet that a good chunk of the “hysterical” female laudanum addict population in Victorian times were suffering from these syndromes?

Anyway, thank you for the e-mails with your addresses for Christmas cards. I owe some of you a response still, and I will get to that later on today, come hell or high water. This morning, though, I am off out with my lovely husband for some shopping and a lunch date at a nice restaurant. I get out so seldom these days that it has become something of a big deal when I can manage it.

We’re going to do the holiday in December (as promised, I didn’t use the “C” word again this month) shopping for the children on our list, and he wants me to point out a few ideas for Santa when he gets around to shopping for me. Honestly, I’m extremely low maintenance and the easiest person in the world to please when it comes to gifts, but apparently my lack of specific demands makes the gift-giving harder somehow. Go figure.

Right, I must go now and make myself beautiful for the outing. Oh, I know, perhaps I should be saving all of my energy for the outing itself, but I have a better time when I know that I look like a million bucks. Well, maybe ten bucks would be stretching it today, but we’ll see what transpires with the spackle and war paint. 😉

Later …


4 thoughts on “Lacking a Suitable Title

  1. Love, sparkle and war paint. I didn't know the horrible pain of myalgia until a few months ago a doctor at a clinic talked to me about my lab results, and cholesterol was a concern so I agreed to take Lipitor. It was a month later before I made the connection to the horrible pain and how I had trouble walking and could hardly lift my arms. So I stopped taking it and within a couple weeks I was okay again. Now another clinic wants me to try a different med for cholesterol and my knees are shaking. I have the meds at home and haven't started taking it yet.

  2. My Eldest had been suffering for some time with various ailments, all making her life a misery! Our doctor told my wife that it was all down to our daughter being 'Highly Strung'! Luckily, I wasn't around!We went of in a different direction, and after a lot of trials, and errors, her health, and ours, has improved no end.I wish you and your family good health.Slainte.

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