Who Wants a Christmas Card?

 I apologize profusely for using the “C” word on my blog before the first of December.  I don’t have a lot of choice, however, if I want to make this offer in time to be of any use.  My long-time blog buddies are already on my card list, but there are lots of new ones from this past year, so it’s time for a repeat of my standing offer.
Christmas cards are as special to me as Christmas presents, and I love sending them to everyone who matters to me in any way.  Which includes all of you, of course! Oh, and don’t worry, you needn’t feel left out if you don’t celebrate Christmas, as I also do Hannukah, Yule, etc. cards.  If you would like to receive a card, signed with my own fair hand, and S.W.A.K., please shoot me an e-mail (bellusanimus@gmail.com) with your postal address in it, and which holiday you celebrate, if it’s something other than Christmas.  I probably already know who’s Jewish, Pagan, etc., but it doesn’t hurt to remind me anyway.  I promise to guard all addresses with my life and no other party shall ever learn of your exact whereabouts from me.  Not even if they use the rack and thumb screws.  Promise!  Actually, a rack would be kind of welcome right now to stretch my stiff, aching spine and legs, but we won’t go there today.  Christmas and medieval torture devices don’t really belong in the same post.
Canada Post and I don’t discriminate, so cards can and will be sent to any corner of the globe.  I’ve already bought my cards and picked up extra with this in mind, so don’t be shy.  Oh, and there’s no need to reciprocate, if sending cards isn’t your thing.  Truly.
I need to get the overseas cards ready to go by very early December, so if you’re interested, it would be great if you could let me know ASAP.  It doesn’t take long to write out a card, I know, but some days my fingers are too stiff for writing.  Today they feel good, so I’m off to my writing desk to take adantage of that.
Now I promise to neither utter that word again, nor to show even the tiniest festive sprig or bauble on here again until December 1st.  Honest!


10 thoughts on “Who Wants a Christmas Card?

  1. Map and Fairy – 'Tis nothing. I'd send everyone a present if I could, but a card is the least I can do for blog pals. Small payment indeed for the pleasure I receive from all of you!TB – message received and understood. 😀 Will reply tomorrow, as I'm on another's computer right now and am getting the sigh of impatience. Humph!Maria – of course you're still on the list!! Good grief, you've done nothing to be removed! I understand why you're not blogging at the moment and how petty would I be if I got in a huff about it? Relax! 😀

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