Meet Me at the Dreamer’s Ball

(Sleeping Beauty by Thomas Spence)

 Apologies to Queen for stealing a snippet of their lyrics, but it seemed like an appropriate title.  I’m having another of my slumber parties for one these days, so lots of time is being spent in dreamland.  Or staring at the ceiling, sorting out the ills of the world.   You know how that goes by now, right?  I’ll climb out of the pit in another day or two, and words will string together properly again.

What’s that you’re saying?  Oh, why yes, I do look exactly like the damsel in the pic above, thanks for asking. 😉

Hope you’re all having a splendid weekend.


4 thoughts on “Meet Me at the Dreamer’s Ball

  1. Eleanor, I must admit to having a fondness for the amazing photies always featured on your blog.It suits both the writing and the author very well.

  2. Jimmy – thank you, glad you enjoy the scenery around here. 🙂 This blog is an extension of who I am, so I feel compelled to share images and art that I especially like. I'm a terrible romantic at heart, so have a weakness for art such as I included on this post.TB – time to take those sunglasses off if you actually do see a resemblance. 😉 Well, the hair colour is pretty much identical, but that's about as far as it goes.Hugs right back at you … lots of them!Map – I hear comments like that a lot! I guess that we always want what we can't have. When I was employed full-time and mother of a young one, I'd have given my right arm for a few days to do nothing but lie around. Now I'd give my right arm to be well enough to hold down even a part-time job and keep up with day to day things properly. And yes, I am left-handed, so I realize that giving up the right arm wouldn't be a supreme sacrifice, but still… 😉

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