Well, It Was Nice While It Lasted

It has been a long, tiring day and I still have lots to do before I call it a day. So, this will be one of my more rushed efforts. I’m behind with the comments again, too, but I’ll get caught up on those tomorrow, if possible. As always, many thanks to all who drop by, and to those who leave a calling card in the comments.

Long story short, Chico arrived this morning, as expected, and all went really well for the first little while. Then it all changed in a hurry, and the upshot is that the people from the rescue agency had to come and pick him up tonight. It broke all of our hearts to let him go, but there was no other alternative, given the circumstances.

Alex has never, ever shown even the slightest sign of being allergic to dogs her whole life, and she has had her face planted in the fur of many. But, of course, the minute she decides to get a much needed companion for herself, a severe allergy rears its ugly head. There was a hint of it the other night with one of the pugs, but nothing at all with Chico, and he was all over her for an extended period of time. Boston terriers have super short coats and aren’t big shedders, so being allergic to them is pretty unusual. But allergic she is, to the point where she’d have to be medicated every day if she wanted to keep him. That’s no way to live, so the only option was to let him go before real bonding took place on either side.

Damn and blast. Yet again the dear girl just wanted to do something “normal” and it blew up in her face. Obviously the CFS and Fibro have made her more allergic to various things, which is pretty much the norm, but it would be nice if just one thing could go her way, for a change. I’ve shaken my fist at the gods so many times on her behalf over the past several years, and it looks like I’m not done yet. That’s just the mom in me, though, and I’m sure that all of you parents would be the same way. She’s really fortunate compared to so many with these ailments, as am I, but it still makes me angry when yet another thing goes wrong. I can see why so many young people in the same boat quit fighting for any sense of normality in their lives. So far she hasn’t, thankfully, but I can see why many do.

I’ll just leave it there for now, as I don’t want this to dissolve into a pity party. I’m not that kind of person at all, and neither is Alex, but we’re not immune to disappointment. It will all look better tomorrow. Doesn’t it always?

Now it’s back to thoroughly cleaning every surface in the house that Chico might have touched. Ho hum.


7 thoughts on “Well, It Was Nice While It Lasted

  1. Oh Eleanor! I'm so sorry to hear that… perhaps a non-allergenic type would be something to try if she has her heart set on getting a dog. They are not as nice (in my opinion, anyway) as the Bostons, but many people find great little dogs that don't make the allergies flare up.

  2. All things in life happen for a reason hen. And as for pity.. it's not a word that exists when your name enters the frame.

  3. Have you thought about BAX 3000 therapy? It treats the symptoms of chronic conditions like allergies, cfs, and migraines. It works by retraining the body's response to stressors like allergens to a positive or neutral response rather than a negative one. I've only had one treatment, but you can read testimonials on their website at http://www.biovedawellness.com. Hope that helps.

  4. The main reason we don't have pets is allergy. Mine mostly. And hubby has asthma. I had a dog when I met him but my allergies were troublesome and after two years together it got so bad we found a home for the dog and have to live with the fact that we cannot have pets. So I hug you and your daughter and know how you feel. We have a small soft toy dog that we hug when we feel the need for a pet!

  5. So sorry for you all – but especially Alex! We also understand the diapointment in having pets as Rachel is allergic too. Thankfully, we can have them outside and they do very well out there where she can play with them and then wash her hands after. She doesn't bury her face in their fur for cuddles – it's just not worth it to put up with the coughing and stuffed nose afterward. Thankfully you had a trail run and had not committed to adopting him. It was probably heartbreaking enough after a few hours with him. Life does seem unfair sometimes…Tell Alex “Keep your chin up” as her Grandpa would have told her!Love,C.

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