Say What?

“So, are you looking forward to being a grandma?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want one day.  I’ve told you many times that I’m fine either way, though.  If you want to have a child, fantastic, but if you don’t, I’m okay with that, too.  It’s your choice, not mine.”

“No, I mean, are you ready to be a grandma now?”

“What do you mean, now?”

“I mean right now, as in right away.”

*cough* *splutter* “Wha – at?”

“No, no, gawd no, not that!  Really, Mother!!  I meant to Chico, not a human! Gah!  His foster mom is bringing him on Saturday and if the overnighter goes well, I can sign the adoption papers on Sunday, then he’s mine for good.”

“Oh, er, yeah, that’s all right then.”

And then I went off for a lie down to recover.   She could have said that she was talking about the dog right at the start, right?  Honestly, kids these days.  Er, I mean, young adults these days.

And what’s with this Grandma bit?  When did she become that sort of pet person?  *rolls eyes* 


3 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. :-DYou are getting a granddog! Isn't that just too sweet!I hate it when people tell me I am my dog's mum. I always tell them I am not, and that she already has a mum… who just happens to bear more of a family resemblance to her than I do. Thank gawd I don't look like my dog!!!!

  2. I totally understand the initial shock. She must have had quite a giggle inside. So this is it, the dog will most likely become part of your family this weekend. This is exciting.

  3. “Sucker”! LOL! She was probably loving the shock factor 🙂 By the way, she had me too as I thought to myself, “ME, a great Auntie?” Hope it all goes well – “he” (until we find out whatever name you chose) has already captured your heart! We have a Lab and love her to death but she doesn't come in the house as the middle one is allergic to dogs.Take care and can't wait for an update!Love,C.

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