The Chosen One

I’m just squeaking this in before midnight, but at least I’m staying on schedule with a post per day.  Go me!  It has been another busy day, followed by lots of excitement this evening, so my computer has been off for most of the day. 

This evening we had our five expected visitors – two of the women who run the pug and Boston terrier rescue, and three of their canine charges.  Oh wow.  I expected the dogs to be cute,  but that level of adorable in one room was almost too much!  Seriously, all three stole our hearts and for a brief second or two I secretly considered the possibility of keeping all of them.  Then common sense kicked in again and all was well.  Good thing I’m not impulsive by nature.   I have to say, though, that having the dogs in the house felt like the most natural thing in the world.  They instantly made themselves at home, too.  Which was ideal in principle, but not much of a help when it came to the selection process.  Poor Alex.  I’m good at making decisions, but I’m glad that this one wasn’t down to me.

Suzie, a fawn pug, was the senior of the three, at nine years old.  The poor girl has been to hell and back, thanks to being overbred in poor conditions, but she’s in pretty good health now.   She’s a lovely dog, both in looks and temperament, but ended up being the first to be eliminated.   She took to me like a house on fire, and vice versa, but wasn’t terribly interested in getting to know Alex.  That might have changed if the other two weren’t around, but she also had trouble negotiating the stairs, so she’d obviously be better off with a family in a bungalow or apartment.   

Next up was Libby, an eight-year-old black pug.  She is sweetness on legs and is the one that Alex really fell for on the website.  She’s even more adorable in real life and made it very clear that Alex is definitely her kind of person.   I know that she would have been the chosen one, hands down, were it not for the fact she sheds like mad.  All pugs are big shedders, especially those with the dual layer coat.  She has the single layer, but sheds enough for ten dogs with dual layers.  There are products that might help with that, but nothing’s guaranteed.  Alex has never had an allergic reaction to a dog, but had to admit that she could feel some mild symptoms after a few minutes of petting Libby, so that was that.  

Finally, there was Chico, a six-year-old Boston terrier.  He is the sweetest, goofiest, most affectionate boy I’ve ever seen in the dog world.  It’s like he knew that he had to make a good impression and turned on the charm from the second he walked in the door.  He seemed equally comfortable with all three of us and of the three dogs, was obviously the most at home here.  In fact, he was quite determined that he wasn’t going to leave, even though one of the women is his foster mom, with whom he has been living for about five months.  He dragged his feet going out the door, then plunked himself down on the top step and wasn’t about to move for anyone.  The boy obviously has real taste when it comes to humans.  😉

So, it would appear that Chico is probably going to be the one we adopt.  We’re going to take him for a weekend trial, just to make sure that he and we are a good fit,  but I’ll be very surprised if there are any problems.   I know that Alex really lost her heart to Libby and I feel sad for her, but she also loves Chico, so it’s not like she’s settling for him just because he’s the only option.   Give him a day with her and she’ll wonder why she ever preferred Libby.  She wants to change his name, though, and I have to agree that it doesn’t really suit him.   The photo on the website doesn’t do him justice at all, so I’ll wait to introduce you to him until he has officially become ours.  Alex is sure to wear her camera out taking photos of him!

On a final note, those of you who are still in shock at my change of heart will definitely faint dead away when I tell you that I submitted to lots of Chico doggie kisses.  I KNOW!  Me, of all people!!  What next, I wonder?  A tattoo?  Shaving my head?  Sky diving?  Taking up a new career as a public speaker?  The mind boggles, doesn’t it? 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Chosen One

  1. That is so exciting! Pugs and Boston Terriers are both so funny and so full of personality. Chico sounds wonderful! We're in the process of trying to find a dog to rescue and love. I have so missed having a dog in the house.

  2. You get to change you mind about pets and anything else! Good for you that you want to soar in life and experience new things. I look forward to seeing a picture of the new dog and to hearing his new name.

  3. I like the excited buzz coming from your words doll, they speak volumes about your recent lift in spirit, and more importantly, in health.

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