Who Knew?

My family isn’t really big on nicknames, but for whatever reason, Dad stuck me with Spizzerinctum when I was really little. Perhaps even when I was born, but certainly it’s part of my very earliest memories from my second year of life or so. A lot of the time it was shortened to Spizzer, but it was always the full version when said with the most affection or humour. He even made up a silly little rhyme to go with it, but sadly, I can’t remember all of it now.

I had always assumed that it was just a nonsense word, but the other day I had to do a search using Spizzerinctum as the key word. It’s my username for a rarely visited account, for which I had forgotten my password. To my great surprise, several dictionary references popped up, and it turns out that it’s a real word, after all. Who knew? To my even greater surprise, it doesn’t have a ridiculous definition. Synonyms are chutzpah, guts, nerve, backbone, determination, ardour, and zeal.

Oooh, I like that. Nice one, Dad!


5 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. Good for Dad!! He knew early on that his little girl had chutzpah! That is such a cool nickname. I didn't have much of a relationship with my dad and he wasn't around much anyway but it would have so nice to have him give me a nickname. Cherish your nickname and keep living up to it, you are a great flame to carry on the traditions in the community of women.

  2. And here I thought your only nickname was Ellie! Very seldom did Dad call me Cathy – always Catherine but Madeline from day one was “Maddie” to him! Loving the daily updates! Have you adopted a dog yet?Love,ME

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