Old Dogs and New Tricks

Good grief, here it is just the second day of the new project and I almost didn’t make it.

It seems that we’re about to become the forever home of a dog in need of one, and it has all come about rather quickly.  Thus, I’ve been busy today, trying to dog-proof our house.  Child-proofing I know all about, but dog-proofing is totally new to me, having never owned a dog as a house pet before.  There were dogs at the farm as I grew up, but they were working dogs, as in border collies, who lived outside.  So, I don’t have a clue about what we’re really getting into, but I suppose that it’s all just common sense, really.  Look at the world from dog level and see what I don’t want him or her to have easy access to.  Which is quite a lot, as it turned out, but I think that we’re good to go now.  If I missed something, I’ll probably find out soon enough!

I’ll give you more details after we meet the prospective adoptees tomorrow or Wednesday.   But for now I can tell you that it’s either going to be a mature pug or Boston terrier, adopted from an agency that rescues said breeds from puppy mills and dodgy backyard breeders.  All of the dogs in their care have been through a lot and it’s quite heartbreaking to read their stories.  So, being a  bunch of softies around here, narrowing the choices down isn’t easy.  The dog will officially belong to Alex, but since she still lives here with us, it has to get along with Richard and me, too.  So, they’re going to bring a few over for us to meet and we’ll see which one takes to us and our home the best.  They’re steering us towards senior dogs as we’re the kind of family that they need for their golden years, and a less active dog would probably be better for Alex and me anyway.  Short walks or romps around the yard are very doable on any given day.  Long walks, not so much.

Now, I know that those of you who have known me for a long time are sitting there with your mouths hanging open.  I understand, believe me.  I’ve shocked myself, and  the two with whom I live were majorly slack-jawed when I readily agreed to the adoption idea.  I’ve never been a serious dog hater, but neither have I been a dog lover.   I can’t tell you exactly why I’ve changed my opinion, but all of a sudden I’ve fallen hard for the little pooch faces at the rescue agency.   Even if Alex decided that she didn’t want one herself, I’d still be going through with it.  Richard is a dog lover, so he probably jumped up and punched the air as soon as my back was turned.  I know his ways. 😉

Still on the pooch theme, I came across this video while looking for info on Boston terriers the other day.  I can’t say that encouraging a dog to growl would be my idea of a cute pet trick, but the latter part is amusing.   



5 thoughts on “Old Dogs and New Tricks

  1. When you turn a corner in life and find you feel differently about something, go with it! Good for you that you are embracing the new member of the family ,yes it is just a pet, but like you describe in the post, it is necessary for all of you to want the dog to move in. I look forward to seeing the picture of the one that found a new home with you and hearing the newness wear off as you all adjust.

  2. I am very impressed! And I just know your dog is going to have a wonderful home with you all. You'll see – you'll be a dog convert before you know it!Pssst! I've always had a soft spot for pugs! ;-)Looking forward to hearing more about the new family member.Leighxoxo

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