Happy Birthday, Cathy!

Yikes, talk about leaving this for the last minute! I didn’t forget my youngest sister’s birthday today. Never that. Rather, I’ve been involved in a clinical trial for a newish drug and it went awry over the past couple of days. Eugh. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, however, so I don’t regret giving it a go. It has been working wonders for others in a similar position, but it’s just not for me. Que sera sera. Fortunately, I’ve started to feel human again over the past couple of hours, so I can still get this done on the right day. Barely!

It has become something of a habit to honour special people on special days with a song. Which is the most natural thing in the world, considering how I and pretty much everyone on the family and friends list feel about music. Thus, keeping with tradition, it’s only fitting to honour Cathy with a “special to her” song. We all had our musician crushes as teens, but I doubt that any of the rest of us were as ga ga over anyone as Cathy was over Corey Hart. She was 15 when this song came out and I’m guessing that she might very well have seen him on his tour to promote this particular album. Of course she eventually grew up and acquired some taste, as we all do, ahem, but whenever I hear this dude’s name or a few notes of a song, I instantly think of my wild and crazy teenaged baby sister.

So, this one’s for you, Cathy, and I hope that you enjoy the memories. Just kidding about the acquiring taste bit, by the way. He was, and still is, a cutie. Hope you’ve been spoiled rotten today by your guy and my three lovely young nieces. Lots of love to you from all of us here!!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Cathy!

  1. Happy Birthday Cathy, have a great day hen….and as for you missus, you need to take things steady, and not overdo anything that will make you feel so poorly.

  2. Ah yes, Corey Hart… I wear my sunglasses at night… Loved his music too, although I was *not* in my teens and I didn't go crazy over him. A most Happy Birthday to Cathy today.Glad to hear you're feeling better. Too bad the new drug didn't work out so well for you. Take care!

  3. Thank you very much for the greeting and the song 🙂 Great choice – you are correct – I did see him in concert for this album (sigh – he can still make the heart go aflutter!)I had a great day – it started out with getting the two older ones attired for their Halloween party at school then a relaxing morning with lightly falling snow outside which cleared up just as I was on my way into town for lunch! After lunch I had to take Rachel for her regular flu shot in the PM but we walked in and got it done – no lineups and she was back to school for her Halloween party in 20 minutes!Supper was takeout pizza which was rushed through so we could carve pumpkins 🙂 The girls did 2 each and Bernard and I did one so we have 8 pumpkins carved and ready!Seems to be our tradition with having a birthday the day before Halloween but we have a tonne of fun doing it 🙂 I was told I took way too many pictures but what else is new? I'll try and get them sent to you soon but …no promises!Then it was cake and settling in front of the tv to watch “The Addams Family” movie. (Not my choice – but it doesn't all have to me about me!)LOL It all added up to a great day!Love,C.

  4. James, are you getting all masterful on me? 😉 Usually I'd deserve it, but this time I didn't step out of line even a little bit. I have the sweetest specialist in the world looking after me, so when he asked if I'd be willing to help him out with this drug trial, I couldn't say no. I sort of knew what could happen, but you always hope for the best. Alas, it didn't work out and did set me back a fair bit, but it's only temporary. I feel worse about the doctor's disappointment as he really thought that he had found something magical for me and his other patients.

  5. Ponita, I was out of my teens, too, when Corey Hart hit it big, but there's no age limit on appreciating good music and a nice package delivering it. 🙂 As for the drug not working out, no big deal. Like I said to Jimmy, I suspected that it might not be the right thing for me, but you never know for sure if you don't take a chance. I'm uber-sensitive to any kind of CNS stimulant, including caffeine, so while I know that this will work for some, it just made my fatigue worse in the end. The few days of energy before the crash and burn were awesome, though!

  6. Hey little sister, that sounds like a dandy fine kind of birthday to me. As you know, we've always done the family thing around here, too, and a nice day with the other two is all that I ever want on my birthday. Eight jack-o-lanterns, eh? It was all that Alex and I could do to turn out one, thanks to achey hands and wrists. I did the scooping out and she did the fancy work. Looking forward to the pics, but there's no rush. Any time between now and next Halloween is fine. 🙂

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