A Day Worth Celebrating

Happy, happy birthday to my first sister. Hope you’ve had the best of days, and that the next year will be your best yet!

I don’t know how familiar you are with the Quo, Carol, but I know that you like this style of music as much as I do. Hey, the alternative was Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, but I’m not in the mood for having numerous heavy objects hurled at me. 😀

By the way, for me, Rockin’ All Over the World is Status Quo at their absolute best. Love, love, LOVE it! Go on, click on the title and do some chair dancing. You know you want to.

Also, a very Happy Anniversary to my third, and youngest, sister and her guy. He has put up with you for twelve years? What a saint! 😀 No song for you, Cathy, as I’m saving it for your birthday in a few days’ time.

Lots of love to both sisters and a very cool brother-in-law,


9 thoughts on “A Day Worth Celebrating

  1. Thanks for the Anniversary wishes! Yeah, I am married to a saint to put up with as he so affectionately calls me “Moodzilla” Love him! OK am I a geek 'cause I like Sweet Caroline – it comes on at a dance or somewhere and I LOVE singing along:) Haven't ever heard this song before…kinda like it too! Love,C.

  2. Just thought i'd say hi and i am still alive! Been catching up on all my blogreads. There is just too much to do at the moment since mum is recovering from surgery at our place and everything is put a bit on hold. But she is getting better and is very annoyed with the slow progress of her leg. She had a hipreplacement done 3 weeks ago and i am impressed she is so good but apparently not good enough for her though…lol

  3. Carol was touched by all of your birthday wishes and says thank you. Blogging is a really new thing to her, so she didn't know that I belong to such a nice, caring community of bloggers. Ponita – I see that we share the same opinion of Neil Diamond. 😉 Back when Carol and I were terrible teens, I used to torment her by singing his blechy song at inopportune moments. You know how it is with sisters, right? Hehe.Cathy – nah, you're not a geek, you just have questionable taste. 😉 I don't actually hate the song, but like I said above, it came in useful for tormenting Carol on occasion. Hence the reference in this post. “Moodzilla” – excellent!!! :DMaria – great to see you again! I think that we've known each other long enough for you to know that I don't hold infrequent visits against you or anyone else. Life always comes first, and I'm just glad to see you whenever you get the chance to drop by. Healing wishes to your mum and I hope that she'll soon be up and about, as per usual. Hope that all is well with you and James. TB – cool, I've always had a thing for guitarists. But not happily married ones, I should add. 😉 We're all music nuts around here and have extrememly eclectic tastes. So I don't think that there's a genre that isn't played at some point by someone. Map, Jimmy and Madame – thanks!

  4. In the words of Ron Weasley, in one of the Harry Potters (sorry, can't remember which one….), this was 'bloody brilliant'!!! Huge big ups to you Eleanor for finding and posting it. I had surely forgotten just how good the Quo are!! Any idea when this was filmed, they look relatively young still, mind you, they seem pretty young and ageless the way they are bounding all over the stage!!! LOVED IT!!!!!

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