Autumn in Winnipeg

I took some still shots of today’s “weather event”, but then thought that a video might tell the story a bit better. Besides which, I’ve been meaning to make a video to post on here for ages, but shyness always got the better of me until today. Please excuse the breathless commentary at times. I’ve been doing much better of late, as mentioned on the video, but highs and lows are still the name of the game. I’ve been doing a lot of honest to goodness work lately, which I haven’t been able to do for almost five years, so it has caught up to me a bit today. Breathlessness is always the first indicator that I’ve overdone it and need to take it easy again. But it has been so marvellous to actually be able to do! Even if I take a big slide backwards again, there’s no denying that I am making progress. Yippee!!

Thanks for sticking around during all of the quiet spells, and for your understanding in general. Now that I’ve finished all of the physically demanding jobs of the summer/autumn season, I can direct the energy supply to things that take mental energy. Like blogging and commenting. And responding to those who kindly leave comments here. Ahem. Hopefully I’m on my way to not having to choose between physical and mental activities, but just being able to do one or the other at will some of the time now is heaven on earth.

Oh, and remember how I said that we were planning to move next summer? Not any more! Which is another sign that things are getting back to normal around here. Those who have known me for a long time know that the more definite a plan seems, the less likely it is to happen!! But hey, it keeps life interesting. πŸ™‚ The change of heart is kind of a long story, but it all started with intervention from above. No, not divine intervention, but close enough. Anyone who makes a living by hanging out on people’s rooftops is an unearthly being in this phobic’s book! We had our roof redone last month, and the man who owns the company we hired said a few things that got us thinking. Then other things happened in quick succession to further push our thoughts in the direction of staying, and that was that. Was it a coincidence that my health miraculously picked up at the same time as these other things were happening? Some would say so, but I’ve had way too many of these “coincidences” occur over the years to believe that they’re random. When I feel that unseen hand in the small of my back, nudging me in a particular direction, I don’t question it!

The other good news is that Richard’s retirement date is set in stone now. His actual last working day is January 17th, I believe, but he had some holiday time booked from long ago, so his actual last day on the books as an employee will be February 8th. Which is another of those weird coincidences. February 8th, 2010 will be fifty years to the day since he signed up at the School of Nursing at Severalls Hospital in Colchester, England, as a soon to be psychiatric nursing student. Fifty years. Gah! I’d say that he`s definitely overdue for retirement! He has forty-seven shifts left to work, after tonight’s shift ends shortly, and five weekends. Not that he’s counting, of course. πŸ˜‰

Alright, that’s it. I had promised my Facebook followers that I’d get this video up this evening, and I know that some are waiting for it.

P.S. Just to save you burning out brain cells, trying to do the age calculations, Richard is 68 right now. Gasp, I know, how shocking! Give yourself a minute, though, and you’ll get over it. Everyone does. πŸ˜‰ Sure, it’s not the norm in this day and age, but it works for us, and that’s all that matters. I’ll tell you that story one of these days. If I remember. Gentle memory prods from you are always welcome, so don’t hold back should I seem to forget a promise … or ten.

P.P.S. It’s still snowing, five hours after I made the video.

P.P.P.S. Only joking when I mention stalkers in the video. I’m not that delusional … most of the time. πŸ˜‰


9 thoughts on “Autumn in Winnipeg

  1. Hmmm….where to start…:o)First,. I really enjoyed the tour of your snowy yard and hearing your voice. For some reason I thought you'd have a huskier voice. Other than the difference in accents, your voice is much the same pitch as mine. Strange how we form impressions of faces, voices and personalities that often are nothing like the real person.We've had early snows like that too, when the trees are still leafy green. As I recall we had one such as that last Fall. This year the leaves are mostly falling without changing, but some are beginning to show some color. We may have frost next week, still too early to tell just yet.Yay!! for good days you've been enjoying! More energy and being able to do even everyday things is such a blessing, and being productive is so encouraging and gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Go you! Not moving, eh? Well, I'd almost rather take a beating than move so for me that would be good news. There's a lot to be said for staying put in a home that's paid for.And now that I've hijacked your comments, I'll wish you a good night and a great weekend. Take care of yourself and try not to overdo now that you're enjoying a burst of energy. ;o)Love and big hugs,Diane

  2. I loved THAT!! I totally agree with your other friend on here, I thought your voice was going to be depper and huskier too! You sound like you ought to have a melodious singing voice also, do you?! It was nice to check out your area too, especially the one of the down the front road of your property, that's much as I imagined it would be. I never used to really understand what Canadians meant about the beautiful 'fall' (Autumn!) colours cos although the tresse turn quite pretty golds etc here at this time of year, I guess cos you probably have double, and some, the quantity of trees we do here that the sight of all the Autumn colours together must be quite a spectacle. Hearing about Richard coming up to retirement and being reminded of where he started his nursing dats got me thinking about a website I came across a few years back, with old old pics of inside and outside of Sevs, now that it is derelict. I assume here that someone must have got uninvited and illegal entry to the buildings cos it is all safety fenced and 'security'ed' now. Most of the pics are atmospheric, and it has to be said, quite gloomy pics of what was once an amazing place, but they are worth checking out of you fancy it. I will have a bit of a check around the Internet world this am and post a link to it if i come across it. Incidentallyy, the Severalls buildings, and land, are still not sold. They were put up for sale by the hosptial trust a few years ago but nothing ever came of it and I notice that the 'for sale' boards are long gone, i can only asume that in this current economic climate no developers want to take such a vast site on, alas i am certain that will change in the future and the Severalls grounds etc will amass into part of Colchester with zillions of teeny tiny 'houses', in streets named after the wards,St Michaels, Jenner, Kirby, Wentwoth et al. By the way, before I sign of, some parts of the ground are still open, Chestnut Villa is still there, and houses the micobiology department and the school of nursing still had Gamma buliding there. and Birchwood still exists, but for what I do not know. Anyway my friend,see what your lovley vidoe has inspired me to tap tap away on this keyboard in reply! more please!! Enjoy the snow, your new found energy (long may it last and whatever Alexandra cooked you for tea that night! Hugs, Kazzie x

  3. Eleanor,I loved the rose red on snow white ending. You haven't lost your talents!I enjoy snow but today I enjoy it more on your backyard than ine. I'm not done with autumn yet. My affair with her is too short lived o give up a day before it's time. ;)rel

  4. “Turning in the right direction” I'm so pleased to hear that coming from the lady herself. Eleanor, you have opened our eyes to a small piece of your home, and the tour itself was great to see.”When I feel that unseen hand in the small of my back, nudging me in a particular direction, I don't question it!” I'm with you there hen…A wonderful post.

  5. Great to hear your voice again and a tour of your yard! We also have a blanket of white outside which the girls are loving… It is really strange to see everything green under the snow though.Glad you are feeling better! Not moving eh, well that is probably a HUGE relief off your back! The thought of packing makes me exhausted! Take care and hopefully we'll see you on here again really soon!Love,C.

  6. This was fun taking the tour of your yard on my first visit to your blog. You have a larger yard than we do and I would imagine more work to maintain it too. It was nice to see you have roses.

  7. Like the others, I so enjoyed watching your video and hearing your lovely voice again:-) But please….keep that snow over there!!!!! lol We haven't had any at all yet but it's a high of 9c today so no doubt it will soon be just cold enough for snow flurries…or a foot of snow, whichever comes first! lol Our trees are at their peak of colours right now. I've just come back from town and it's just glorious to see all the colour everywhere along the highway. I still have flowers blooming, especially roses, which has never happened before in October!! The frost we've been having in the mornings doesn't seem to be affecting my rose bushes at all. Very strange year weather wise!So glad to hear you were able to do some outside work yourself. I know what a big accomplishment that was for you:-) I haven't done mine yet but will start tomorrow since it's supposed to be a sunny day. Need to put away all my patio and deck furniture, as well as take care of my flowerbeds. Think of you often my friend. Take good care of yourself. xoxo

  8. If I didn't live here, Eleanor, I'd say thanks for the tour of your yard… but mine looks pretty much the same!So happy to hear you are improving, that an imminent move (and all the inherent work in that) is not to happen, and that things seem to be settling for you.Congrats to Richard on his pending retirement. I cannot imagine spending 50 years working, although in actuality, I am at 33 years. But to make it to 50 would put me much too old (in my mind, anyway!) to be in the workforce – esp. in nursing.

  9. Hey you, what a lovely voice you hve. And a lovely neighbourhood too. We don't get much snow here, though the weather is fairly wet and cold most of the year. The kids would like more snow though, it's always more fun for the kids when it snows, yeah?xxx

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