The Heart Remembers

I don’t generally make a point of remembering or marking sad anniversaries. I just don’t see the point in dwelling on sadness and grief. Life must go on and I believe that we best honour the dead by living, and living well. Sometimes, though, the heart has other ideas, thwarting one’s resolve to be sensible and strong.

I lost my dad ten years ago today. I could write many, many words, both about him, and about what it has been like to live these ten years without him. This feels like one of those times, however, when the language of the heart simply can’t be accurately translated into words. So, I’ll just mark the day here on my blog with something that would make him grin like crazy, if he were sitting here beside me. Thanks to the magic of You Tube, here’s his favourite tune, sung by his favourite voice.

Funny how we never forget what made a loved one’s heart sing.


5 thoughts on “The Heart Remembers

  1. Map – Mario Lanza and the popular Irish standards are my earliest musical memories associated with my dad. He couldn't carry a tune in a bucket himself, but he had a good ear for quality listening material. 🙂 His ancestral roots were predominantly Irish, hence the love of Irish music. Such things are genetic, I swear. xxx back at you! 😀

  2. I'm sorry for your loss, Eleanor, but glad that you have such happy memories of your Dad. I miss my Dad, too. His birthday is coming up on the 26th. He liked music too, but his tastes ran more to the Grand Ol' Opry than the Opera. Hope you're feeling well right now. It's cool and rainy here and I'm hurting but going on with life. I have salsa and canned tomatoes to make in a little while, and more muscadine jelly and hot pepper jelly to make in the next few days as well.Love and hugs,Diane

  3. Eleanor,I resolved to get through the day without shedding a tear and I did it! Then I go on here today and listen to “Danny Boy” and the floodgates are pouring as I type! I can't even begin to list the things I see everyday that remind me of him – very bittersweet! Miss him too much for words but know he's with us always… Love, C.

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