Gah, has it really been that long since my last post? So terribly sorry for the silence, folks, but life sort of got in the way of blogging again. I’m just on my way to bed now, but thought that I had better stop in to let you know that I’m still alive. I have lots to talk about and a few pics to share, but that will have to wait until I’ve had some sleep. *yawns and swallows face*

Meanwhile, there’s some new scenery for you to look at over here. Bazillions of thanks and big sloppy kisses (ew, just kidding, Alex) to my lovely daughter for the makeover. She has done lots of brilliant layouts for me over the years and I should have just turned her loose here long ago. I’ve been trying to go it alone, being the stubborn independent sort, but couldn’t come up with a look that felt just right. But of course she knew what I was after, and produced exactly the ambience that I’ve wanted since starting up this latest incarnation of my blog. How does she do that, time after time? Spooky!

Also, I’ve finally let some family members in on the existence of my blog (gulp!), so how’s about a round of shouts from the various corners of the blog universe, just to help them see why blogging is so damned cool! I don’t know if they want to be acknowledged by name or not, so suffice it to say that they’re two of my younger siblings. I’m the eldest of five, for those who don’t know – four girls and then a brother bringing up the rear. So yeah, a belated welcome to the two C’s from your big, er, older, but still utterly fab and stunningly gorgeous, sister! (I saw those eyes roll – shame on you!)

Right, I’m about to fall asleep where I sit, so catch you later!


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