Swine Flu?

Maybe. They’re only testing the sickest of the sick at this point, but all concerned parties agree that swine flu is the logical assumption. It’s no scarier than any other kind of flu thus far, but not what one would choose to have, obviously. Daughter, who brought the plague into the house, is feeling better today, and I should be through the worst a few days from now. A compromised immune system means that we catch everything going, but said immune system is also in constant hyperdrive so it still fights things off pretty well. So, no need for concern, but now you know why I’m quiet again.

That’ll teach me to make big plans, eh?!


5 thoughts on “Swine Flu?

  1. Good grief! Sending you cyber hugs and chicken soup. Hope you're all better SOON! With 2 nurses in the house surely y'all can manage to fight it off and get on the road to recovery without too much angst. ;o)Love and hugs,Diane

  2. Hi Eleanor – heavens above, just wanted to say that I hope you are well soon. Take care, Love Carol your Welsh friend:)

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