Happy Birthday, Canada! I must say that you’re still lookin’ mighty fine for an old broad of 142.

In other news, holy crap, there has been some excitement around here! Well, nothing much has actually happened in the actual action sense, but massive, ginormous, humongous changes are in the planning stages. An 18-year phase of our lives is coming to an end and we’re about to embark on an exciting, new, very different adventure. We’ve gone back and forth with the idea a few times now, but the timing just wasn’t right. Now it suddenly, definitely, does feel right, so we’re starting a year of “lasts” around here. Probably. Unless something drastic happens, but it won’t, right? No details yet as I don’t want to thoroughly jinx the whole thing, but all will be revealed as each of the steps falls into place. It’s so amazing to feel such a mega sense of excitement and anticipation again. Whee! My head’s in a whirl, but I’ll try to pull myself together for some coherent blogging again.

Meanwhile, as you’ll have noticed, things look a lot different around here. I’ve been at this blogging lark for a long time now, and had kind of drifted off in the wrong direction over the past two or three years. I’ve made a conscious effort to get back on track before now, but I needed to try harder. I really, really have to watch where I hang out in Blogland because reading the wrong kinds of blogs can kind of kill blogging for me. There are a lot out there that make me angry or sad for various reasons, and I have to be diligent about staying away from those kinds of places. So, yes, as I was saying, things are much different here. The blog has grown up again, I hope, and the addition of more “stuff” should make it more of a reflection of who I am. You’ve always seen the real me on my blog, but now you’ll see a bit more of it. Ehm, I mean in the less reserved personality sense, not the other kind of more of me. Sorry to disappoint, gents 😉 There’s another method to my madness, too, but it’s still in the vague idea stage right now. Suffice it to say that I have skills that are being wasted, and I feel the need to start making a difference in the world again. One’s blog can be the portal to many different things, if one puts one’s thinking cap on.

Right, I’ve been awake for over 24 hours now, thanks to all of these exciting plans whirling around in my head, so I must away and find something heavy with which to knock myself out. I’ve climbed out of the deep fatigue pit again and don’t want to send myself right back into it. I hope that my fellow Canadians enjoy today’s holiday, and I’ll catch up with the rest of you after I’ve had some sleep. Later, eh?

P.S. Any other Twitterers out there? You’ll find my Twitter stuff over in the side bar. I reckon that I should be able to manage a bit of micro-blogging on days when I’m too dead of brain to do the macro kind. Maybe.


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