Happy Earth Day, and other stuff.

Hello, you big, beautiful, thoroughly awesome (in the true sense of the word), old lady. Love, gratitude, and immense respect, today and always, from one of your humble inhabitants.

Hello to my fellow inhabitants of the Blog World, too. You’re all beautiful and awesome, like the lady above, but I won’t call you big. Just ’cause I’m polite that way.

So … it has been a while between posts again. Actually at this point I should be saying still, rather than again, I guess. For once, I’d have been glad if my periodic need to pay homage to Rip Van Winkle had been the cause of the break, but, alas, there were other doings afoot.

Richard was in an accident on Easter Saturday, and everything has felt a bit off kilter since. He’s basically fine, thank goodness, as in no major injuries, but he was badly shaken up, both physically and mentally, so has needed some extra TLC. The other driver ran a stop sign and ploughed into the driver’s side of the car, so Richard was very lucky to get out of it with just a few bumps and strains. Fortunately the point of impact was more towards the front wheel than right on the door, and that made all the difference. Huge thanks to his guardian angel for being on duty that afternoon!

Our car is a bit of a mess, and we’re fully expecting it to be written off. They’re very slow at getting back to us and we haven’t had official word yet, but I will be very surprised indeed if they do decide to repair it and give it back to us. It has been very well looked after from day one and was in excellent condition. Which, unfortunately, doesn’t matter much for insurance purposes, as they tend to just look at the year in which the car was manufactured. So, I’ve been spending loads of time online, looking around at what’s on offer and what is given good reviews by various consumer advice groups. I’ve always said that clothing shopping is the most loathesome exercise ever, but I’ll change that to car shopping now!

Meanwhile, we’re making do with shoe leather, public transportation, and the kindness of one of Richard’s colleagues. She works the same shift rotation and we live on her route to and from work, so it’s not putting her out at all. We could get a rental car and would be reimbursed for it, but we can’t really justify it with Richard getting the lift to and from work. Our car insurance here is a bit unique in that it’s a public “utility”, paid for out of our provincial taxes. Everyone’s policy is with the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation, a branch of the provincial government, and our rates are a fair bit lower than anywhere else in the country. People still moan, of course, but few take the time to compare our rates to what they’d be paying for a private insurance policy in any of the other provinces. Hence our not bothering with the rental car. It’s a waste of tax dollars, and less waste keeps the rates down for everyone.

In between all of this I’ve been under the gun to get our yearly income taxes finished up, as well as a few other things that were put on hold until I was up to doing them. None of which would have been a big deal in the past, but at present my brain only works really well now and then, for short bursts, so I have to wait for good days to tackle things which need some real thought and concentration. I just finished the send in copy of the taxes before I sat down to do this post, actually, so this is a nice diversion after crunching numbers. I managed to wring a refund out of the sheaf of papers, though, so the effort was worth it this time around. It’s not a huge amount, but will be enough to pay for part of a job that we want to have done in the house this summer. Er, skip that thought. The bathroom redo was what we had in mind before facing the prospect of buying a different car. Sigh …….

But the good, nay, great news is that spring is here in earnest now. The last of the snow disappeared a week or so ago and we’ve had a few really balmy days. Nothing says spring like laundry flapping on the line for the first time since autumn, while a robin sings its heart out. Ahhhhh. Of course the return of the crows is a harbinger of spring, too, but I prefer to think about those noisy, black-hearted devils as little as possible. I’m keeping an eye on the upper branches of our mighty maples in the backyard, lest a pair decides to set up housekeeping right outside our bedroom window again. The adults are noisy enough, but the constant squawking of the half-grown offspring provoked many a murderous thought that summer. The hose is ready to blast the slightest sign of a new nest to smithereens. There are a bajillion other trees in the neigbourhood, so they don’t need to pick on us twice. Mutter, mutter, varmints, mutter, mutter.

One last note before I go, I hesitate to say that I’ve been feeling generally a bit better just lately, as that’s guaranteed to trigger a mega relapse. Thus, I’ll just say that finally heeding the advice to lay off the caffeine has produced a surprising result. It doesn’t make sense, as caffeine is a stimulant, but not a lot about CFS and Fibro does make sense, really.

Speaking of which, I now have a date with my mattress, thanks to my days and nights being mixed up again. I’ll make my rounds to your necks of the woods when I emerge from my lair this afternoon. Yawn, g’night, er, g’morning, er, g’whatever, all.


10 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day, and other stuff.

  1. Sweet Jaysus… I hope your man is alright hen. He was a very lucky man indeed to walk away from that.Here's hoping you have better luck soon.

  2. I hope everything is alright, being in that sort of accident is no fun, someone broadsided me two years and wrote my car off and I'm still a little nervous when I see someone approaching a side junction at any speed now so I think I know how your husband feels.Tax refund ? Yay, they'd only spend it on themselves if you didn't claim it back 🙂

  3. Blimey, glad to hear that Richard is recovering. Hope all gets back to 'normal' soon. Taxes are rarely fun, but if they were, the government would probably stop them. Look forward to seeing you again soon

  4. Glad you're feeling better, knock on wood. Hope the insurance claim is sorted out soon and you can get some new wheels.It's supposed to be in the lower 80'sF here tomorrow for the first time this Spring. I don't mind it being a little warmer, but I dread the extreme heat that's in store for the Summer. I have a feeling we're going to skip Spring and go directly to hot Summertime.Take care of yourself, my friend. :-)Love and hugs,Diane

  5. Thanks for the concern, Jimmy – he's coming along nicely. Don't worry, we're well aware of how lucky he was to walk away from something like that. Having to replace a car when you haven't planned for it is annoying, but a very minor thing compared to what could have happened that day.

  6. I thought of you that day, YS, knowing that you had been through something similar. Richard went into a sort of shock, which was very understandable under the circumstances. He feels a bit wimpy about it all now, but that's silly. I don't know of anyone who has been in an accident who doesn't deal with some psychological stuff after. I was rear-ended 25 years ago and I still get the heeby-jeebies when I look in the rearview mirror and see someone coming up behind me quickly. As for the car, same situation as you were in thre, too. We have/had a perfectly good car that should have lasted for years longer, but because of some idiot, we have to shell out thousands over and above what insurance will give us for it, in order to have a set of wheels again. Marvy.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts, too, Madame. We're a resilient bunch around here, so this shall pass, as all things do. Never fear. :)As for the taxes, yes, I would really like to sit down and have a chat with the person who comes up with the format for the forms. I'm a “straight to the point” sort when it comes to such things, and all of the faffing around from page to page gets right up my nose. On the other hand, though, there's just enough of a masochistic streak in me to rather enjoy the challenge, despite the faffing. Which is why I continue to do the paperwork myself, rather than paying someone else. I shall demand my fee when the refund arrives. 😉

  8. Yes indeed, Ponita, not at all what we had planned for the Easter weekend. Even worse, it was Richard's birthday on Good Friday, so the first full day of his new year of life didn't go so well!!We gave MPI a shout today, just to see what was going on, and it turns out that someone had forgotten to register our car at the compound. Lovely. So, now the standard wait begins, on top of the time already wasted. Assuming, of course, that the snippy little cow on the other end of the phone remembered to write us onto the list this time. Why do such places always hire people with zero public relations skills?!

  9. Howdy, Diane. I won't repeat what I've already said to the others, so just read my replies above re the insurance and such. Happy days!Eeuw, lower 80s is hot in my book, not just a bit warmer! Seriously, my absolute upper limit for comfort is around 80 degrees in your money, and lower if the humidity is high. So, I would be absolutely miserable there during the summer. Not that we don't get sticky heat here in summer, too, but it's usually just for short spells. When I was talking about our recent balmy days, I meant mid to high 50s. That's shorts and bare feet weather for we polar bears up here. :DLots of love back at ya! ♥

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