Happy Easter

Whatever the Easter weekend means to you, I hope that it has been a lovely one in all ways!

I have much to talk about, and shall be back either later tonight or tomorrow with the update. I hope. Yesterday was the day to end all days, at the end of a busy week, so I’m limp as a thing that is very limp today. The Lord of the Manor is in recovery mode, so sprawling on the sofa has been the extent of the activity today. And there’s nothing the slightest bit wrong with that.

Now I’m off to watch Canada play against Scotland in the final match of the World Men’s Curling Championships. Sorry Jimmy and all other Scottish blogging buddies, we’re enemies for the next three hours. 😉

Have a great evening, everyone.


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Easter has been spent lazing around with the Aged Ps, eating eggs and being tourists in Derbyshire. They're safely back in Scotland now and I admit to be slightly envious. I'm not due to be there for ages :)Ps – can I count as a Scottish blogging buddy, albeit in exile?

  2. Glad to hear your hubby is recovering nicely. It could have been so much worse, so I know this Easter was a blessed one for y'all.I'll be checking back for the update, and sorry to hear Jimmy's Scots whipped you in curling. ;-)Love and hugs,Diane

  3. Madame, that sounds like a lovely Easter weekend to me. And you do indeed count as a Scottish blogging buddy. Where I come from is still home in my mind, and always shall be. Diane, sorry about the delay in getting an update done. It was “one of those weeks”, and I didn't have any mental steam left over for blogging. And Jimmy's lot didn't whip us, they barely squeaked out a victory. Which still counts, but it was such a good game that one can't hold the victory against them at all.

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