The Scots beat us. Harrumph.


3 thoughts on “Bah!

  1. Well, at least we beat someone at something. I think that Jimmy is too optimistic, we're very good at being plucky losers. I'll hold your handbag, while you do a wee jig with Jimmy.

  2. Jimmy, your lot did beat us, but it was a tremendous match from start to finish. It was tied going into the last end, and it took the very last rock to decide the winner. Edge of the seat stuff, for sure. Since I'm not a sore loser, I'd be happy to have that dance with you. But remember my limited energy supply, so you might end up holding me up halfway through. Would that be a problem? ;)Et Madame, plucky is good, whatever the circumstances. Trust me, we Canadians have to be a plucky lot, too, in many circumstances. Which builds character, I reckon. Merci for holding my handbag – you're a gem. 🙂

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