Songs That Make My Ears Bleed

Three songs that I never, ever want to hear again, as long as I live:

What would your choices be?


5 thoughts on “Songs That Make My Ears Bleed

  1. I'd agree with Celine Dion – makes me run out of the room, crying and screaming.I'd add Bryan Adams – Everything I do, I Do it For You. Truly awful, awful, awful, awful.I'd also have Mull of Kintyre by Paul McCartney and Wings. A total dirge and a waste of good bagpipes.Need a ceremonial burning of these.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with all three, and if I can add that awful Rihanna umbrella song I'd be happy, oh, and another McCartney song, the Frog Chorus, he should be birched for that one.

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