Brain Freeze

Behold, Mother Nature’s idea of an April Fool’s Day prank. We weren’t laughing that morning, nor have we chuckled at the persistent flurries since. Okay, yes, this is Manitoba, and we get long, rotten winters. But it’s April now, and we’ve had five solid months of snow on the ground. So, enough, thank you. The back yard was sporting big bare patches quite recently, but a mega dump and then these recent flurries covered things up with a thick blanket again.

By the way, that big white space between the apple tree and the garage is my vegetable garden. Which should be totally obvious from this photo. Right? 😉 And the photo is blue because I forgot to adjust the light setting on the camera. But I think it’s kind of pretty and much nicer to look at than the grey, early morning gloom that day, so I didn`t try to fix the tones.

On to other business, huge apologies for the big disappearing act again. I know, I know, I should have done a post to say that I was taking a break, but I didn’t actually know that I was. I got on here every day to try to post, but I couldn’t get the words to travel from brain to fingertips. Which should have been a hint that I was crashing again, but I try to ignore hints of that nature, on the off chance that they might be wrong. They were right this time, but it never hurts to live in hope, right? This will pass, as always, so better blogging and commenting service should resume fairly shortly. I’m still visiting regularly, just not saying much, since that involves the words from brain to fingertips thingy, too. Think of me as the quiet one at the gathering, interested in the conversation, but better at listening than talking. That kind of person helps make the world go ’round, too. In fact, it’s amazing how much more one can take in while just sitting back and listening for a while.

I really do need to think of a way to keep the words flowing during the bad spells, though. Someone suggested switching to mainly picture posts, but that is totally not me. I’ve always been a words kind of person, and pictures are just accessories to the story. I shall figure this out, never fear.

Thank you for your continued patience!


2 thoughts on “Brain Freeze

  1. Hello dear Eleanor:-)Always good to see you post, I'm always worried about you!! So sorry to hear that you hit another rough patch…I can't even imagine the struggle you go through each day. Please know that I'm thinking of you!!Mother Nature was certainly not being very funny, was she! We still have lots of snow on the ground but at least a lot is gone as well. Today it's pouring rain so that might take care of the rest…unless it turns to snow which it might since it's only 1c. You're so right…it's been a longgggggg winter!!!! xoxo

  2. Totally understand, deary. I've been a bit stingy of late meself with my blogging and commenting. Nothing much wrong here, just busy with life and haven't had much to say. It's been stormy and wet here, with wild swings in the temperature. It's to be nearly 80F on Saturday, then only 50F for a high on Monday with a low of 30F. Persnickety Spring weather!Spring is coming to your part of the world too, or so “they” say. Patience, dear heart. ;-)Love and hugs,Diane

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