March Winds Doth Blow

Photo Credit: Frost pattern on window, captured by my daughter

It would appear that Old Man Winter is in the midst of an epic snit. Again. Hopefully this is the last one for this year as it’s all getting a bit tiresome at this point. This afternoon it was -22 C., but the brisk north wind made it feel like -42. Right now it has warmed up to a balmy -21, with a windchill of -35. *drums fingers* There should be a very dramatic change by the end of the week, but whether or not that’s the actual start of spring remains to be seen. This is Manitoba, you know!! But yes, fingers, toes, eyes, legs, etc. are all crossed.

There’s not much doing around here these days. This kind of weather bumps up the pain level for the ladies of the house, and Richard is recovering from another dentist ordeal, so we’re a really happy bunch today. Good thing we like each other or it could get ugly. 😉 ‘Tis the perfect evening for chilling out in front of the TV, watching Team Manitoba play in the Canadian Men’s Curling Championsip, i.e. Tim Horton’s Brier. And no snarky comments about curling being as exciting as watching paint dry. Those are serious fighting words in this part of the world! It’s not nearly as easy to play as it might appear, and if you think you don’t have to be in good shape to do all of that brushing, think again! Just saying. Of course it was sweeping with corn brooms, not brushing with brushes, back in my youth, when I played for fun. Note to a long time “real life” friend who reads this, remember the Wellwood Youth Bonspiel we played in one year? I was telling Richard about that today. As I recall, there was no need for finesse shots. Which was about my skill level, really! Getting the rock to the other end of the rink on that ice was about all that one could hope for, and that I could do. But the lack of ideal conditions is what made it all such a blast. I’m not very competitive, I’m afraid, and really only enjoy doing stuff if there’s a fun factor involved. I’d much rather fall about laughing at bad shots, than throw major temper tantrums when things don’t go exactly right.

Our weekly delivery of organic fruit and vegetables just arrived, so I’ll quit waffling about nothing here and go put things away. We don’t choose what comes each week, apart from specifying things that we don’t want to see, ever, so it’s kind of fun to see what’s in the container and think about possible meals for the following week. This week we have generous amounts of broccoli, swiss chard, zucchini, beets, carrots, potatoes, yellow onions, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh Italian parsley, Braeburn apples, Valencia oranges, Anjou pears, bananas, and kiwi fruit. There would have been grapefruit, too, but that’s on our “do not want” list. So, we got extra pears and oranges, instead. Yes, we’re fruit and veg fiends around here, or at least Daughter and I are. We have to eat a healthy diet in order to function at all, and organic really does make a huge difference for us.

Oh, speaking of fresh produce, our list of dislikes is very short indeed, but eggplant/aubergine is on the verge of being added to it, unless I can come up with an as yet untried, delicious way of preparing it. I’ve refused to give up on it thus far, as it’s something that I’m convinced I should like. So, if you have any recipes or preparation suggestions to share, please do.

Anything new and exciting in your corner of the world? I have some catching up to do again, but it has to wait for tomorrow. I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours now, thanks to the aches, and everything’s starting to look a bit hazy. Yes, I’m done complaining now. 😉 ‘Night, all.


7 thoughts on “March Winds Doth Blow

  1. grilled eggplant cubed & fried in olive oil with with sundried tomatos & minced garlic .. heat in frying pan until the garlic gets nice and golden and then add a couple tablespoons of goat cheese and some cooked pasta (penne).. toss it all up and Yummy

  2. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of curling, but maybe it's one of those things that's better if you participate and don't just watch someone else do it.I'm also not a fan of eggplant. I have a recipe on my recipe blog for zucchini parmigiana that could perhaps be adapted for eggplant. It's vegetarian too, and could be vegan if you substitute for the Parmesan cheese.Hurting here too. It's been in the mid-70'sF here today, now a cold front is blowing in and the high tomorrow is supposed to be only 46F, with a chance of snow/ice on Thursday and not much above freezing. Yippee! Big weather changes and extreme barometer changes are what really make me hurt, more than extreme cold. Big veggie and fruit freak here too! :-)Hope the rest of your week goes well and your Spring thaw comes soon!Love and hugs,DianePS: Oh, and my gift card arrived last Saturday! Thanks again, my friend! 🙂

  3. Sweet Mary herself now… with all those fine ingredients it would be the ideal time to make a delectable warming broth to keep out the chill of the oul North wind.Served with big dods of warm and crusty, hot buttered bread. I'll be there for midday.

  4. I'm just waiting for the wind to blow the roof off our house this morning! Ugh! Haven't had winds like this in ages…and snow is to come with it. Double UGH! lol We still have tons of snow so really don't need more, thank you very much. Would you believe I've never bought eggplant nor ever tried it? I know, I'm so deprived! lol Actually it's not something I've ever thought of eating. I love most other veggies, well except for asparagus. Bleck!Take good care of yourself and stay warm, my friend. Spring IS on its way…I think! xoxo

  5. Amen to being done with winter! The thaw is on its way…. let's just hope it is a gradual one to minimize the flood potential from the great dump of snow N. Dakota received!I don't like eggplant either… gave up on it years ago.

  6. Snarky comments about curling? From moi? Never! 😉 Hehe.Hope you're hangin' in there for the arrival of Spring. Hugs,Leigh

  7. All that talk of food has made me feel hungry. Given that I eat as if expecting the next Ice Age, this is not good. Maybe I need to live somewhere as cold as you and I could work it off by digging snow.I loathe eggplant. aubergine, but the only thing I know you can make with it is moussaka, which my mum used to make when I was small. It was the only meal I was allowed not to eat, on account of my immediate nausea. Not good for family meals.

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