What’s Your Technique?

Gah! I’ve been meaning to post something all week, and very nearly missed the boat. Today is the last day of International Flirting Week. Feel free to look it up if you don’t believe me, but do you honestly think that I would lie to you about something so significant? Exactly!

I’ll be sleeping most of the day, but have an assignment for you to complete while I’m snoozing. Note I said snoozing there, not snoring. As if I’d do such a thing. Pshaw! What’s that? You have better things to do on a Saturday than complete my assignment? Rubbish. Besides which, how can you say that when you don’t even know what the assignment entails? Your attitude seriously sucks and I suggest that you adjust it with haste, thank you.

Anyway, here’s the deal. Normally I’d never pry into anyone’s private life, being the polite, true lady to the core that I am, but please indulge me just this once. I’m dying to know what your favourite, or most successful, flirting technique might be. Oh yeah, yeah, I know, most of you are married/attached and you’d never dream of flirting now. Of course you wouldn’t. Neither would I. Much. For the sake of this exercise, though, let’s just pretend that you aren’t married. Or, if that’s too much of a stretch, try to remember what it is that you did/still do to catch the eye of your beloved.

Now here’s the nicest bit. I haven’t done a giveaway in ages, and you’ve caught me in a good mood today. Besides which, I owe you for all of the love and understanding you’ve been sending my way, especially of late. So, reveal your tried and true flirting secret in the comments and I’ll enter your name in a random draw for a yummy prize of some sort. I never announce prizes in advance as I insist on choosing something to suit the individual preferences of the recipient. But trust me, I’ll make it good, no matter what your tastes. This is open to everyone, no matter where you live in this big old world that we all call home. It also doesn’t matter if you comment regularly or not. Oh, and I’ll give you a week at it, just to make sure that anyone who might be interested has a chance to enter.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a dream date with Johnny Depp lined up. Well, maybe. Hopefully. He has continued to show up in my dreams with some regularity, but I’m probably really pushing my luck by this point. I mean, how many times can a guy get turned down before he gives up? Yes, I’m still saying no! To Johnny Depp!! I know, I’m a sad, sick woman. 😦

Why, hello, Luscious. Yes, I agree, it has been much too long since you’ve dropped by my blog. Don’t be such a stranger in future, eh?


5 thoughts on “What’s Your Technique?

  1. Well now.. that's an easy one Eleanor. I've always used the same tried and tested method since I was a wee(ish) boy.A nice white teeth smile, a twinkle in the oul eye, a mixture of Glesga patter, and a good clean shirt. And for the love of all things holy… make them laugh.But most importantly.. always be yourself.I've had a lot of success before I met Mrs Bastard. When I was a single man I used to go home with more pairs of knickers in my jacket pocket than a shop lifter in Harrods. ; )

  2. Hmm….boy, that was a looooong time ago, LOL! ;-)But as I recall, my flirting technique involved lots of coy, sidelong glances and smiles, just showing that I'd be interested in getting better acquainted. And if that didn't work, the direct technique did. I can be pretty bold, so I just approach them and start a conversation. And as Jimmy says, humor figures largely for me, both in my own personality and especially in friends and romances.Glad you're feeling a bit better, my friend. Happy weekend, and Alex did a great job on your blog theme, as usual. :-)Love and hugs,Diane

  3. Hello, Eleanor! A fellow 'Pegger, I see.I do much the same as Jimmy mentioned, with a fabulous smile full of nice white teeth, humour, and a clean shirt. Although I don't go home with anyone's knickers except my own. And I can probably say my shirt would fit a bit snugger and be cut a tad lower than his. I also tend to sidle up a bit closer if all goes well and the man is receptive to my attentions. Nothing like almost touching side by side with some light, slightly suggestive conversation; the barely felt body heat does wonders…

  4. I knew what I would say when I finished reading your rant, and felt pretty smug too cause I'm old enough to know. But then I was so surprised to find it was already echoed over and over.I was going to say, quiet, demur, tossled hair, and lots of happy smiles.

  5. This is one of the cutest “contests” I've seen!And the toughest! Flirt??? Do techniques change with the passing years and trends?Maybe a coy smile, batting of lashes and my crooked smile…hmmm, think I'll go dream of Sam Elliot…that'd be easier.

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