Almost Like Being There

Have you found yourself wishing that you could have had a better view of the inauguration proceedings? Well, wish no more. Have a gander at this. Just keep clicking to zoom in and pretty much sit on Dubya’s lap, should that be your thing. Cool, eh? The site, I mean, not sitting on Dubya’s lap. Ew.


2 thoughts on “Almost Like Being There

  1. Oh wow, that is absolutely amazing! I zoomed until I could see the President's nose hair…well not really but wow, it does get you close! lol I've bookmarked the web site so that I can go back to it:-) xoxo

  2. Please tell me that you meant the new President's nose hairs, Pea, and not those of the old one. Ew, and I thought that the idea of sitting on his knee was gross! Ew, ew, ew, to nose hairs!! 😀

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