A Sensory Feast

For some people it’s all about owning things. For others it’s about doing exciting or dangerous things that get the adrenaline racing, travelling to exotic places, or challenging one’s physical limits. For us, it’s all about stimulating the senses, triggering the imagination, and challenging the mind with new ideas. Sensory feasts are the ultimate, and I’m just a tad envious of my daughter this evening as she gorges on a banquet of visual and aural delights.

One’s first trip to see the ballet is always going to be special, but they happen to be performing to her absolute favourite classical music, Carmina Burana by Orff. That is what the ticket buying excitement was entirely about. But then she learned that the first selection of the night is Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, which happens to be my favourite symphony, by anyone, hands down. Hence the envy. But I’m mostly just thrilled for her, and the memories she’ll forever carry after tonight. Sensory memories are the very best kind.


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