Yeah, I know, it’s an awful racket, isn’t it? Sorry about that, but rusty gears never turn quietly at first. And man, are my blogging gears rusty.

A disappearing act certainly wasn’t in my plans, especially right after starting anew over here, but I don’t seem to have much control over a couple of demons called CFS and Fibro. You don’t need chapter and verse as it’s all very tedious, but suffice it to say that this whole illness gig has become a lot harder in the past six months or so. The exhaustion never really lets up now, and the pain has become much more intense and constant. Other symptoms have worsened, too, but the most frustrating one is the difficulty with communication. It has been a problem since the beginning of this whole journey, especially with written communication, but never like what I experienced over the spring and summer. Just nothing would come when I tried to write, and even verbal communication was a problem. Some days it was pointless to even try to have a conversation as nothing came out right, and/or I would lose my train of thought partway through every sentence. Obviously there has been some improvement very recently as I’m here “talking” to you this morning, and hopefully it just keeps getting better. I’ve read some suggestions about techniques to try to get the words flowing, and so far so good. I’m pretty quiet and reserved by nature, but even quiet people have things to say!!

Alrighty, enough of all of that, and on with much more important things. Like saying a big “hello and welcome” to everyone who ends up here via the magical Black Box. I suppose that I should have waited until I was posting again before I added the widget, but maybe some will end up back here and realize that the blog isn’t abandoned after all! I’ve been playing with the gizmo off and on and have come across some fantastic blogs which will probably become regulars. I honestly don’t know how random the whole thing is, but so far it seems to be steering me in an interesting direction each time.

Things have settled down as far as my daughter’s “stalker” is concerned, so I decided to drop the nickname and just use my real name on here, as I have always done. Obviously some feel more liberated by blogging under a pseudonym or nickname, but it just isn’t my thing. I only know how to be myself, and if I can’t be the real me, what’s the point? Besides which, it’s work to remember to use pseudonyms and such, and the fewer demands I make on the brain these days, the better. 😉

I don’t think that there’s anything to really catch you up on from the past several weeks. There’s always something going on, of course, but how much is worth talking about weeks after the fact? Exactly! Autumn has been quite glorious thus far, and the extended forecast looks like more of the same for at least the next couple of weeks. It’s getting pretty nippy at night with temperatures that hover around 0 C. most nights, but we haven’t had the big killing frost yet. Regardless, we’ve emptied out most of the garden and all that I have left to bring in now are a row of carrots and one final picking of chard. Both can take some frost, but the sooner I get them in, the sooner I can call time on the whole thing until spring. I love my garden, but by autumn I’m ready for a break. The canning and freezing are done for this year, so that just leaves the flower beds to tidy up. Most flowers are done blooming now or are looking a tad bedraggled, so it’s time to get them out of the way and give lots of elbow room to the few late bloomers. The Michaelmas daisies are covered in gorgeous heads of mauve, and the chrysanthemum buds are just starting to open. I have some new ones out there that are supposed to be variegated, so I’m curious to see what they look like.

Now I should push off and get into bed for a few hours, I suppose. I have my nights and days mixed up again, as is a standard thing with these ailments. No matter how hard I try to stay on a normal schedule, I always end up doing the night shift thing again. Which is no big deal to anyone here, but I hate to sleep through the gorgeous days that we’re having at present. Each sunny, warm day feels precious at this time of year.

‘Nighty night, er, mornin’, er whatever. 🙂


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