A Bit of Garden Colour

The Lily

The modest Rose puts forth a thorn,
The humble sheep a threat’ning horn:
While the Lily white shall in love delight,
Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.

-William Blake


One thought on “A Bit of Garden Colour

  1. Well there you are! hehe I'm SO glad you left me a comment so that I'd know where you are. I had noticed you had deleted your other blog and was just about ready to send you an email to find out what was going on. After reading your first couple of posts, I can see why you would have to…geez, don't those stalkers have anything else better to do? Sheesh! Anyway, so wonderful to see you posting with this new blog:-)So you've now decided to stay put in the house for a few more years…you'll know when it's time to move and right now obviously wasn't the right time:-) I've been in this house for over 30 years and I know it will be hard if I ever leave it, we do become very attached to our houses!Your lilies are gorgeous! I want to plant more of those in my flowerbeds at the front of the house. They're so easy to take care of and tend to bloom at various stages so at least there would be something blooming all the time. Don't know if that sentence made sense but I think you know what I mean! lol Think of you so often, my friend. Take good care of YOU!! xoxo

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