Catching Up

It has been ages since I did a proper blog post anywhere, but I don’t think that there’s anything really big and earth-shattering to tell you. Like I had mentioned at the other place back in April, things went downhill healthwise again, so I’ve just been doing all that I can to encourage an improvement in symptoms. Not a lot of improvement thus far this time, but every little bit is a step in the right direction.

We came very, very close to selling the house in May, but the buyer backed out because of a last minute snag. Which should have annoyed us, but all that any of us felt was relief. I guess that we’re all more attached to the old place than we realized! So, we had a good think about the situation and decided that yes, we can stay here, at least for a few more years. Well, there’s one condition that has to be in place by the end of the summer, but I honestly can’t see it being a problem. Staying feels really, really right, and things always fall into place when something is right. We also planted a garden this year, after thinking at the end of last summer that we wouldn’t do it anymore. I kept looking out at the bare earth and thinking that I couldn’t bear to not see vegetables growing there. Yes, a garden is work, but it was easy to make it less work. We planted a bit less, and skipped the stuff that is the most labour intensive. I revamped my flower beds a bit, too, so it has been a relatively stress-free gardening season, no matter how exhausted I am on any given day. If I have the energy to get out there and putter around for a bit, great. If I don’t, then no big deal. It can all wait until I have a better day, or until Richard has a day off. Of course Mother Nature has had a hand in making things easier this summer, too. Lots of rain when we need it, and not too much in the way of nasty heat. Woot!

Now, you all remember that Daughter changed her name earlier this year, right? Well, it took a while for all of the documentation to come through, but she is now officially Alexandra everywhere. And we’re even getting used to calling her Alex. The other name does still slip out now and then, but mostly I catch myself before I say it. Not bad for one with a mushy brain and a dodgy short term memory, eh? 🙂 The other Alex news is that she is now a university student. I can’t tell you how huge that is, given her health status, and we’re beyond thrilled about it. It’s a lighter course load, but it’s still a course load, and that’s fantastic. Not all that long ago we didn’t know what the future would hold for her, but things seem to be going nicely in the right direction now. She’s majoring in Anthropology for sure, but the minor is still kind of fluid. Right now she’s thinking Women’s Studies, but that could change over the course of working at the degree.

As for the Lord of the Manor, well, he has shocked me something awful with his sudden interest in modern technology. He who always considered computers to be instruments of evil has become a total internet junkie. Blow me down. Ever since Alex got her laptop a year or so ago I’ve been thinking how nice it would be to have one myself. Then I could do whatever I needed/wanted to do on the computer, regardless of what kind of day I’m having. I really couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on myself, though, so it was just a thought that went through my head every now and then. Until I verbalized it one day and Richard jumped all over it, knowing that it would free up the desktop for his exclusive use. Say what? Dude, how many times did I offer to show you how to use the thing, and you always reacted like I had ordered you to stick your hand on a hot burner? Consistency, man. Please! So, to cut the tale short, a laptop was in my hot little hands shortly thereafter and I get the evil eye if I so much as look in the direction of the desktop. Geez, territorial much?! But seriously, it is great to see him having so much fun with it. It’s still so new to him that he’s totally like a kid in a candy store. Remember how that felt? 🙂 Oh and yes, I am seriously, seriously in love with my laptop. Muah, muah, muah, you little beauty!

Now I suppose that I should bring this to a close as it’s getting a tad lengthy. Also, I mixed up some henna earlier and it should be ready to splop on my head right about now. I gave up on the chemical dyes after being introduced to henna a few months ago. It’s probably not for everyone as it’s a rather lengthy process from start to finish, and you obviously need to have/want hair somewhere in the red family. But I’m seriously in love with the stuff. It feels so good on the head and my hair has never been healthier. Daughter was trying to convince me to embrace the greys, and I had let the roots get much longer than usual, thinking that I might go for it after getting most of the coloured hair cut off. But the post-cut verdict is a great big HELL NO! The grey is really patchy and makes what is actually a good cut look like a hack job. Or so say I, and mine is the only opinion that counts in such matters. 😉

Right, enough. It’s still very much a work in progress here and I’ll be doing lots of tweaking in the coming days. Usually I get things to a finished state before I make a blog public, but this time I just wanted to get going again ASAP.


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