Here We Go Again

I wonder how many “welcome to the new digs” posts I’ve done in my six and a half years of blogging? It’s probably better if I don’t stop to count. But I’ll bet that some of you know, don’t you?! It really is getting ridiculous, but this is another move that wasn’t just down to boredom or whatever. Really, it wasn’t!

As I’m sure you all know, there isn’t much that I wouldn’t do for my daughter, especially when it comes to unpleasant situations not of her doing. It’s a rather long story, and not one that she would want told to the world in detail, so I’ll just give you the general gist here. A now former boyfriend is having trouble with the concept of boundaries and the word “former”, and there’s the potential for some ongoing problems there. Unnecessary drama is not something that either of us has energy for, so it seemed like a good idea to skedaddle and not leave any tracks behind. If he can’t contact her, odds are that he’ll stalk me to keep tabs on her. I used to live with someone like that, so I know how the mind works. She started a new, locked blog for me at LJ, which was a really nice thought. But it excludes most of my friends, both online and off, as very few are LJ members. I absolutely do not want a public blog over there as Mr. Stalker is very intelligent and could probably find me quite easily, even if I used a pen name. So, I’ve come back here to Blogger. I very, very much doubt that he would think to look for me over here. Blogger and I have had a somewhat troubled relationship in the past. However, it really is the simplest blogging platform to use, and simplicity is an absolute necessity for me these days. Which partially accounts for my lack of posting at the other place. So, I’m going on the premise that I was led back here for a reason, and it’s going to prove to be a very beneficial move.

I’ve never worried all that much about anonymity in the past, but given the current circumstances, I’m going to go a bit incognito here. Hence the user name, and a blog title that is totally unlike anything I’ve ever had before. The user name is a nickname Daughter hung on me, and the blog name is pure tongue in cheek, as per usual. CFS isn’t a joke, but keeping a sense of humour makes anything quite bearable. I spend a lot of time on the bed or sofa these days and the Lord of the Manor seems to enjoy playing man servant to his lady when I need to be horizontal. Which led to the inevitable “peel me some grapes” gag, at some point. He hasn’t actually done it yet, but I live in hope … 🙂

Thanks for following me around yet again. Have a great weekend!


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