Daddy’s Girl … For Real Now

“So, are you going to keep them waiting in suspense forever, or are you actually going to do a post about my name change?”

Bossy, isn’t she?!

Granted, she did have a point, but she also knows why I’ve been decidedly anti-social for the past few days.  I’ve moved into the next phase of the quit smoking program and have been a wee bit, um, “testy” since the weekend.  Luckily, the withdrawal symptoms are waning again, so it’s safe to talk to me today.  Just don’t do it in an irritating way.  😉

It’ll be six weeks tomorrow since this all began and I have another eight days of the program remaining.  Then there will be a few more cranky days as the last of the nicotine from the patches clears my system, and that should be that.  In hindsight, skipping the patches and just going cold turkey probably would have been less painful in the long run this time.   I used the patches in the past and don’t remember the withdrawal being so fierce when I stepped down a level.  So, that must have something to do with the CFS, or maybe my meds at present.    But whatever, I’ve survived, and have been properly committed right from the start this time, so it has gone quite well, all things considered.  Let’s just say that it has been painful enough that I won’t put myself through this ever again, though.  And you can carve that in a stone tablet, in really big letters!

Alrighty, on to the Stephanie riddle from my last post.  The first line of this post gave you the answer, really, but I’m all about clarity.  So, what looks, walks, talks, etc. like a Stephanie, but isn’t a Stephanie?  A Stephanie who has legally changed her name to something else.   Why she did it is her story to tell, but suffice it to say that she certainly had our blessing when she put  the wheels in motion a couple of weeks ago.   With a few strokes of the pen, Richard acquired a daughter in name, as well as heart, and her first name became Alexandra.   But you can call her Alex, if you like.   She also dropped her third name entirely, but it wasn’t terribly significant anyway.  She found three given names awkward on documents and such, so is glad to be rid of the extra one.

Of course Alexandra doesn’t come automatically to mind or tongue yet, but it will in time.  A habit of twenty-one years isn’t going to disappear overnight.  The change has certainly  liberated her, so it’s well worth the confusion until everyone gets used to the new name.  You’ll just have to bear with me until I quit flip flopping back and forth between Steph and Alex in my posts.  Which will take a while.  You know how it is. 😉


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