Pole to Pole … Almost

Oh look, two posts in one day.  Shocking, I know.  Two posts in one week is shocking these days.  Anyway, talking about far away friends in the previous post jogged my memory about something I’ve been meaning to post for months … and months.  Sorry, Leigh and Michael!

Alrighty, imagine that you’re a teenager living in Australia.  One day you hear about a chance to travel way, way, way up north to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, to commune, up close and personal, with live, in the flesh, hanging out  on their native tundra, polar bears.  What would you do?  Why, you’d write and present an essay about polar bears and global warming, of course.  Such an outstanding essay, by the way, that you’re one of only two Australian students selected to make the trip.

Then, naturally, your mother writes to her friend in Manitoba, Canada, to tell her about your adventure.  Said friend follows your adventure via the website for the organization with which you are having the adventure, but forgets to ask Mum’s permission to blog about your adventure until months after the fact.   Not from lack of interest, believe me, just from lack of functioning brain cells.

So, at last, I’d like to direct you to the Polar Bears International website, and, more importantly, I encourage you to have a look at  Michael’s blog, wherein he talks about his adventures.

Your mum mentioned that poor internet service made for fewer blog entries than you would have liked, Michael, but I think that we definitely get the idea from the ones that you did post. 🙂  It was obviously a life changing experience for you, as it would be for many of us.  The polar bears, and human inhabitants of the world, should rest easier at night, knowing that our future is in the hands of you and other like-minded members of your generation.  I can imagine how proud your parents are of you, but I can tell you for sure that someone who only knows you through photos and written words is mighty proud, too! 🙂

On a related note, one of Winnipeg’s claims to fame is having the world’s oldest polar bear in our zoo.  I’d much rather see animals in the wild, but obviously Debby is quite happy in her zoo home, and has been for a very long time.  Little did I know that the young bear I saw in my childhood would still be my main point of interest at the zoo all these years later.  Pity her partner isn’t still there, too, but he only died six years ago, so also lived an unusually long life for a bear.


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