” I hear that you’re thinking of selling up and moving.”

“Yes, but not for a while.  Probably a year and a half from now, or thereabouts.”

“What do you have?”

“Three bedrooms, yada, yada, yada, fenced yard, garage, yada, yada, yada.”

“Sounds exactly like what we want.  Could we come and take a look?”

“Um, outside, sure, but we want to do a bit inside before we show it to potential buyers.”

“Like what?”

“Paint, declutter, the usual stuff.”

” I don’t care about all of that, but I don’t really need to see the inside right now anyway.  I know you, so I know that it’ll be fine.  How about an “as is” price, as in you don’t do any of the redecorating before you move out?  I like painting and such, so don’t mind doing some work before we move in. “

“Um, okay, how about X amount?”

“Really?   How soon can you be out?”

“Er, we really weren’t thinking of moving until the spring or summer of 2009, so haven’t really done much to prepare.  And we can’t do it in a rush because of present circumstances, as you know.”

“Okay, how about July 1st.”

“As in four months from now?”

“Yup, isn’t that enough time?”

“Gulp, um, okay, we’ll make it work somehow.”

That conversation was eight days ago.  Cue whirling head and a major case of the “oh my gawds”.   There was some good excitement, too, of course, as it would be nice to get the move over and done with, rather than having it hanging over our heads for such a long time.  But really, I was mostly thinking, “How on earth am I ever going to do this?”  Of course Richard and Stephanie would help, but when it comes to sorting out,  packing up, and cleaning an entire house, I have the most to do,  for all of the obvious reasons.

It turns out that all of the panic was for nothing, though, as they’ve now decided that they don’t want our house, after all.  Loved the house, and loved the property it sits on, but didn’t love the general location.  There’s a good dose of totally unjustified paranoia in their reasoning, but whatever.  It was an interesting thought while it lasted, but we’re not at all upset that it fell through.  Being forced to think about a tight deadline got us thinking in ways that will be very useful between now and moving time.  As in a definite decision about which charity will get the stuff we don’t want to take with us, a clearer picture of what we do and don’t want to take, exactly what we do and don’t need to do to the house before we move, etc.  But it’s a relief to have the luxury of time again.

Unless, of course, the sister is serious about wanting the place, now that her brother has turned it down.  She seems to be, as she wanted to come for a good look see, inside and out,  yesterday.  But she doesn’t have financing and other practicalities worked out yet, so it was easy to put her off … for now.  We’ve told her October, at the very, very earliest, and preferably next spring or summer, so we’ll see what happens.   The bottom line is that we’ve always known that the house will sell easily when the time is right for us.  But it’s kind of nice to know just how easily.

Now I need a couple of weeks to recover from the mega adrenaline rush.   Adrenaline and CFS/Fibro don’t get along at all.


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