When Nothing Less Than a Hero Will Do

Oh dear.

Stephanie and I watched the updated, and thoroughly excellent, version of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility the other evening.  Which will be shown on PBS within the next few weeks, should you be interested.   Colonel Brandon, the hero of the story, has always been one of Stephanie’s favourite literary characters.  But now she has decided that nothing less than a Colonel Brandon will do in real life, and she wants one now!    Can’t say that I blame her, actually, and I do wish that I could make her wish come true.  But I married the only such man that I’ve ever met, and I don’t know where to find another.

I don’t suppose that any of you out there might know of a spare one, kicking around, looking for his perfect Marianne, er Stephanie?  If so, you know where to send him.  I’ll be eternally grateful, and Madam will be in utter raptures.  Even if he doesn’t look like either David Morrissey or Alan Rickman. 😉

I was going to suggest that perhaps a Mr. Darcy would do for her, should you come across one first.   But no, I think that she’s much better suited to a Colonel Brandon.  I, on the other hand, am more fickle, and could be persuaded to change my personal preference, quickly, should this particular Mr. Darcy show up on my doorstep.  But for now, seeing him on my TV screen this evening will do.  Rawr!

Now where are my smelling salts?  I’ll be needing them shortly!


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