Christmas Eve

Sorry, I just had to use that image.  I’m a Royalist and think that the Queen is totally cool and worthy of respect.  But I also like to think that she has a sense of humour.   If I were her, I’d seriously want to say this, just once, just because I could.  🙂

I plan to get back with a more serious Christmas post, but for now I just wanted to let you all know that I’m thinking of you on this Christmas Eve morning.  Actually, it’s the end of the 23rd for me as I’ve not been to bed yet, but the calendar says it’s now Christmas Eve, so we’ll go with that.

I pulled an all nighter to get things done up so that I can indulge in two days of total sloth with my nearest and dearest.  I wasn’t going to get to sleep at a decent hour anyway, so thought that I might as well make good use of my rare energy spurt.  Now, just in case anyone is wondering how I’m going to pull off two complete days of sloth at this time of year, let me end the suspense.  I’M NOT COOKIN’  CHRISTMAS DINNER!!  Sorry if I offended anyone by shouting at you, but I thought it was worthy of a shout.  I think that the last time I didn’t cook Christmas dinner was 1986,  when I worked Christmas, prior to going on maternity leave.  So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal to be free of kitchen duties this year.  Out of respect for Stephanie’s newish vegan lifestyle, we told her that we’d be willing to throw tradition totally out the window this year and go with a vegan Christmas dinner.  Which she then volunteered to cook, so shocked was she at Richard’s agreeing to eat a vegan meal!  I’m learning how to cook in the vegan style, but do you think I’m silly enough to say no to her offer?  I’m not as dumb as I sometimes look, you know!!    She has been planning the menu for weeks, and is wildly enthusiastic about the whole deal.  We’re going to have the meal this evening, actually, while she’s still up to it energy-wise, so she got going at some early preparation yesterday.  And the rest will be made today while I catch a few hours of sleep.  Oh man, I’m loving this! 🙂  I’m trying to decide whether or not I’ll even bother getting dressed when I get up later.  I mean, this is the Christmas when we’ve totally thrown out the tradition book, so why not make it a pyjama day, just to be different?  But sorry, no photos.  You just couldn’t handle the foxiness that is my fluffy, flannel, penguin-print pyjamas.  Seriously, you couldn’t.  No, really, I mean it.

As for the menu, read and drool, people:

* Caramelized Onion-Butternut Roast with Chestnuts
* Roasted Brussels Sprouts
* Orange-Glazed Beets
* Roasted Sweet Potatoes
* Mashed Potatoes
* Garlicky Kale with Tahini Dressing (yes, garlic is still my archenemy, but I can’t be selfish at Christmas)
* Mushroom Gravy
* Holiday Cranberry Sauce
* Chocolate-Rum Pudding Cake with Toasted Coconut

In addition to the above, I have a loaf of  homemade bread cooling on the counter as I write – a, crusty, rustic loaf full of assorted whole grain goodness and yumminess … and it’s vegan.  There is also a tin of homemade spicy cranberry and almond biscotti on the table, lovingly made by Daughter yesterday, as a special treat for her old mom.  You can keep your chocolate and other sweet stuff at Christmas – just give me biscotti.  Please.  And no, I’m not Italian, I just really love biscotti.   To make sure that my biscotti doesn’t disappear before I get a proper taste, she made her darling Daddy-O a puffed wheat cake – he’s a man of simple tastes.  Well, actually it’s a jazzed up version of a puffed wheat cake, as she used a puffed cereal mix, but same idea as your basic puffed wheat cake.  Except that it also has Christmas sprinkles on top.  It’s the details that matter, you know.  Really, it is.

Now before I dash off for a soak in the tub, in some very festive cranberry-scented bubbles, I must say thank you for all of the Christmas greetings that have arrived since my last post.  I’ll try to get to individual messages over at your places, but for now I’ll do the collective thing here.  Diane, Donna, Maria, Desiree –  your cards have all arrived now.  You all have exquisite taste, and the sentiments in the cards were/are most lovely indeed.    No, Wosser, yours isn’t here yet, but don’t worry about it.  There’s still a mail delivery today, and I’m all about the thought anyway.  You sent it off in good time, and it’ s not your fault if it’s late.  Okay?  Okay!

For the other friends, who follow my blog, but are long-time friends of another sort, thanks so much for your greetings, too, and for your understanding.

Right, bedtime at last.  Have a lovely Christmas Eve, everyone.  I’ll dream of you while I’m snoozing the day away. 🙂


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