Tree, Cards, and Our Anniversary

Here’s a shot of our Christmas tree for this year. And yes, I realize that the garland is wonky at the bottom of the tree, but it has been fixed since Stephanie took this photo a few days ago. I tried sitting on my hands, to overcome my OCD tendancies when it comes to the tree, but the twitching got the better of me. At least I haven’t rearranged any ornaments this time … yet.

It has been a rather snowy and blowy day here, as it was yesterday, too. The depth of snow on the ground is growing by leaps and bounds, so the novelty of using the snow shovel has worn off. That usually lasts for two snowfalls, at the most. Not that I do that much shovelling myself anymore, but I like to give the appearance of wielding a shovel now and then, just to keep my reputation up in the neighbourhood. I especially like to do it when the guy across the back lane has his snow blower out. Shame on you, you big, burly he-man, using a machine when a feeble woman is doing it by hand. Tsk tsk. Not that he probably cares, but my presence usually makes him direct his snow away from the approach to our garage, rather than blowing it onto the approach, as is his usual habit. Mutter mutter. Yup, we’re really going to miss him when we move.

Richard is at work again this evening, prior to having a three-day weekend off. That’s his usual rotation, not a special treat, by the way. He works three days when it’s his weekend to work, and has three days off when it’s not. In between he’s off two and works two. Rough life, I know. But hey, he deserves an easier schedule at this point in his life.

It’s rather nice that he’s off tomorrow as it’s our wedding anniversary. Sixteen years of wedded bliss. Aww. Well, that’s my side of the story anyway, and he knows better than to contradict me. 😉 No, seriously, it has been a great sixteen years, even with all of the bumps along the way. We make a great team, and choosing him was definitely one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made.

December 14th 1991

We never make a really big deal of our anniversary ’cause we don’t feel that we need to. Every day is good for us as a couple, so there’s no need to go all out on one day per year, just to show the other that they matter. And yes, I’ll stop there, lest you start to feel a tad nauseated from too much gushing. 🙂 We will do something special for supper tomorrow, but whether it’s go out or order in remains to be seen. One of the better restaurants in this part of the city has a free delivery service, so we can enjoy fine dining in the comfort of our own home, should we so choose. I don’t care either way, as long as I’m not doing the cooking. Not that I hate cooking, but I’ll not say no to a night off from being chained to the stove. Would you?!

And yes, it’s a repeat of the same photo I post every year, which is perhaps getting a bit tedious for long-time blog friends.  Well, too bad! 🙂  I do have other wedding photos, of course, but that album, along with most of our other albums is packed away in a box at the moment, and I’m not quite sure which box.  We cleared some shelves for painting a while ago, and haven’t bothered to put stuff back onto the shelves.  Since we’re planning a move within the next 18 months or so, I figure that we might as well leave the boxes packed.  So, in 2009 you might get a new wedding shot … or not. 😉

Back to Christmas, it’s nice to hear that my cards have been reaching their destinations.  The overseas ones have actually travelled quite quickly this year, which is a treat.   We’re receiving a few per day now, too, which is always one of my favourite parts of the Christmas season.  I love cards, and they’re as much a part of our Christmas decor as the tree.  Thanks very much for your very cute card, Pea, which arrived several days ago now.  I’m not ungrateful, just forgetful!  Thanks also to you, Yorkshire Soul, and your lovely wife, for your card, which arrived today.  Whichever one of you did the card shopping has exquisite taste.  It was Mrs. YS, wasn’t it? 😀

I probably won’t be around tomorrow as spending the day with Richard is the thing to do.  Goodness knows that he deserves a day of attention for putting up with me the other 364 days of the year! 🙂  So, have a good one, all, and I’ll catch you again on the weekend.


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